The Savage Tide

Interview With a Vanderboren

In which most attempt to lie, but few succeed.

Locations: House Vanderboren, Sasserine => The Sea Wyvern
In-World Dates: 5 – 1 – 964 => 5 – 7 – 964

Lavinia Vanderboren has sent out an announcement, asking the brave and the hardy to accompany her on her voyage to Farshore.

Six young women, Aldi, Chastity, Kyo, Ranu-Yani, Rowyn and Torra, all went individually to speak to Lavinia about joining the expedition.

Aldi, the monk, spoke to Lavinia first. She was honest about her profession, but dishonest about her motives (claiming to want to start a monastery in Farshore after finishing her studies.) However, her simple, blunt, monk-ish way of speaking somehow pulled the wool over Lavinia’s trained eyes, and she went unchallenged.

Chastity was not so lucky, however. Despite being a very trained and talented liar, she completely failed to persuade Lavinia that she was a dilettante/politician willing to pull strings in Fashore’s favor. She then attempted to dance around Lavinia’s questions, but Lavinia’s training in Sasserine Academy included Politics and Diplomacy… a subject in which she received top marks.

Trapped, Chastity finally admitted to being on the run from something. After convincing Lavinia that it was nothing illegal, she was also forced to admit to having magical talents. Lavinia welcomed Chastity aboard, with the caveat that she would be watching the elf in case anything untowardly magical should happen.

Kyo had the good sense not to lie, saying only that she was a scout skilled in underwater exploration and hailed from a faraway land. Impressed by her qualifications, Lavinia welcomed her aboard.

Rowyn]] fared similarly well, with her nature magic earning her an honored place in the new community. Torra likewise told the absolute truth, that she was traveling to Farshore with the intentions of starting a farm there, and tacitly not mentioning her other skills or reasons for going. She did mention her skill as a sailor, but turned down Lavinia’s offer of employment on the voyage.

Rowyn, however, tried to hoodwink Lavinia again. The noblewoman caught her bluff, however, and the gnome was forced to admit that she was on the run from something. However, Rowyn’s claims that the trouble would not follow them to Farshore, as well as her position as a genuine cleric of Ehlonna, granted her a place on the ship anyway.

Now, the party has one week to prepare for their voyage south. They spent some of it shopping, and some of it gathering rumors and information about The Isle of Dread and House Vanderboren. What perfectly normal and idyllic life awaits them there? Find out next week–actually, no, find out two weeks from now, because it’s fall break– when the Savage Tide breaks!



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