The Savage Tide

Law and Olmans: Spiritual Wierdness Unit

In which "inoocent until proven guilty" does not exist

After the defeat of Vanthus, Farshore has a lot of healing and reconstruction to do. Lavinia has moved into Farshore Mansion, and asked the heroines to take up temporary residence there. After a week of pulling things back together as best they could, the quintet gathered for a reading of Vanthus’s Diary. The document brought forth as many questions as it did answers: Who is behind The Crimson Fleet? Why and when are they planning to detonate the Shadow Pearls? It did, however, reveal the origin of the shadow pearls: a group of Troglodytes called “The Lords of Dread”, living in Gallivant Cove. Apparently, the only way to pass through Gallivant cove would be to pay The Glutton, an immense dragon turtle that made Gallivant Cove its home and hunting grounds.

However, exoneration would have to come before exploration, as the Olman Tribes united to send the leaders of Farshore a message: "If you wish to stay our allies, prove that the destruction of Atl’ Burowao was not your doing".

The six plus Lavinia met with the Olman council to plead their case and receive judgement. Each of the tribes proposed a different test, but Lavinia was able to talk them out of all but four:

“Steal a treasure from a Scyllian’s lair” from the Dawa, “Defeat a team of warriors in mock battle” from the Mora, “Guard the wall for a night” from the Tanaroans, and “Peacefully take a feather from the Rainbow Eagle” from the Kirikuka.

Without delay, the sextet set about the Mora’s challenge, arming up for a non-leathal group duel with some of Mora’s best and brightest. However, the battle itself was strange and inconclusive. While some of the Mora were knocked unconscious, two fell by their own or allies’ hands. Kyo in particular was affected with strange luck, with falls somehow transforming into near-fatal strikes.

Finally, the council ended the match, as capricious spirits were making judgement extremely difficult.


Nice title.
It made me Face-palm and Lol.


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