The Savage Tide

Poor, Unfortunate Foals

In which the sea-witch gets bitchslapped.

Locations: Inlet off Farshore, The Isle of Dread
In-World Date: 5 – 21 – 964

The world’s busiest day continued as our heroes attempted to pursue Vanthus. However, Ingred, his sea-witch servitor, intercepted them with a longboat full of pirates, while Vanthus fled towards Farshore.

Pulled by a quartet of Chastity’s summoned Hippocampi,the heroes hurried towards Ingrid’s boat.First, they shot it with arrows tied to bottles of alchemist’s fire, then they leaped aboard. The pirates were all taken down with relative ease, but Ingred’s Shield Guardian, a stone construct in the shape of Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons, was a much greater threat. Its stone limbs struck at Kyo, Lavinia, and Aldi as they desperately tried to destroy its mistress.

With her immense swimming skill, Kyo managed to swim around behind Ingred and stab the unsuspecting witch, but unfortunately the witch had more fell powers up her sleeve. She gripped Kyo’s head and cast a Slay Living spell, which Kyo was able to survive, if only barely. The sea spirit-folk sank to the bottom of the water, and was presumed dead by most.

Damaged by their fire attacks, the pirate’s boat began to fall apart, and eventually both ingred and her Shield Guardian fell from the boat. The witch then conjured a horizontal Wall of Ice to keep them afloat, breaking the boat as she did so. Lavinia and Torra fell into the water at this time, and one of the pirates bashed his head on the underside of the wall and drowned.

The Shield Guardian then made a terrible meistake: killing one of Chastity’s summoned hippocampi. The sorceress unleashed her rage on the construct, blasting it with spell after spell. Meanwhile, Ingred was surrounded on all sides by the remaining heroines and proved that, despite the impressive trident she carried, close combat was not her forte. With a final blow from Aldi, the witch sank beneath the waves, to where Kyo was finally waking up. With its mistress’s demise, the Shield guardian ceased to function, and also sank as the ice melted, and the hroines clambered back aboard their boat.



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