The Savage Tide

Sailing for Adventure!

The world's cutest dinosaur and the seagull of doom.

Locations: The Sea Wyvern => Outside a Burowao village , The Isle of Dread
In-World Dates: 5 – 7 – 964 => 5 – 21 – 964

At last the time has come to set sail. Our heroines boarded The Sea Wyvern, after being introduced to the captain and most of the crew… and being thoroughly hit on by Avner Meravanchi.

The wind was with them, and they sailed swiftly southward. At first, there seemed to be little trouble, aside from some nervousness about Urol Forol’s poisionous spider collection, but the man proved to be a veritable mine of information. Some worried about travelling to near to Gallavant Cove, but the gnome reassured them that the Glutton (a rumored sea monster) never ventured out of his lair, and that the Sea Wyvern was giving the cove a wide berth.

After about a week, however, Chastity got bored, and decided to cast Dancing Lights. Trevan Knotwood mistook this for the Gods’ Fire, an ill omen, and began pouring wine over the side of the ship, while Kyo helped him. By the time the situation was explained, the ship was down to 30% of its liquor supply. Trevan Knotwood, upset by the prank, filled Chastity’s bunk with seaweed and nailed a read rat over her headboard. The sorceress was about to summon up a swarm of rats in revenge, when the ship encountered far bigger problems.

A curious elasmosaurus decided to investigate the vessel, causing most of the crew to go into a panic. Ranu-Yani, however, was able to communicate with the creature and realise that it wasn’t hostile. The entire party then promptly decided that it was the cutest 5,000lb plesiosaur they had ever seen! Although, Aldi briefly mistook the Elasmosaurus’s attempts to nuzzle Ranu-Yani as attempts to eat her… but it was all straightened out in the end. They base farewell to their new friend and headed southward, but the Elasmosaurus stopped by to visit one more time and give them a dead shark as a present. Grimalkin gratefully cooked the shark for dinner.

Several days later, Lavinia (aboard her other ship, The Blue Nixie, receives a messenger bird. She informs the Sea Wyvern’s crew, through her captain, that the ship will stop by a small village of Burowao tribesmen to drop of some supplies.

However, an hour away from the village, they see a flash of purple light, and are struck by an explosive shockwave strong enough to send Kyo flying overboard (luckily, she could breathe water). Upon closer inspection, the explosion seemed to come, not from the willage itself, but from what seemed to be ships floating next to the village.

Kyo swam ahead to scout, and found that everything had gone horribly wrong. The fish in the sea had changed, growing extra heads, tails or fins, and were ripping one another to shreds. When she went back to the ship to report this, however, she was spotted by a mutant seagull with three legs, which swooped in to attack her.

Despite their high level of skill, the heroines took a very long time to dispatch the seagull. Ranu-Yani attempted to speak to it, and Rowyn attempted to calm it, but to no avail. At last, a combination of Kyo’s thrown chakram, an Acid Splash from Chastity, and a rolling pin thrown by Aldi managed to defeat the deformed bird.

Upon coming closer to the shore, the young women spotted a large group of what looked to be mutated people, milling around a hut in the village, trying to get in. Unlike the animals, they didn’t seem to be killing each other… but they soon had more pressing matters to worry about. A bizarre, supernaturally strong current caught up both The Sea Wyvern and The Blue Nixie, smashing them into the rocks.

Torra Tailor rushed to get her collapsable lifeboat, while Rowyn, Ranu-Yani, Kyo and Aldi hurried to repair the boat. Ranu-Yani, Kyo and Aldi managed to patch up a hole in the ship’s side, while Rowyn used Make Whole to restore the prow of the boat. With The Sea Wyvern no longer sinking, Chastity summoned a quintet of hippocampi to get all of the passengers and their goods to shore.

There was no time for celebration, however. Right after everyone was saved, a group of the mutated people came over to investigate. A dozen of the mutated fish men swarmed towards the heroines, but they fought back with far more skill and verve than they’d shown against the seagull.

Lavinia Vanderboren also drew her blades to help them, and proved herself quite a skilled swordswoman. Kyo also waded into hand-to-hand combat, making great use of her exotic, Rokugani weapon. Aldi utterly destroyed a monster’s head in one blow, then took down two others just as handily. Rowyn fought with both dagger and spell, while Torra unleashed a pair of Scorching Rays that reduced the monsters to dust. Ranu-Yani waded in with a scimitar, and Chastity finished off the last of the monsters by summoning a celestial lion.

What was that mysterious explosion? Why has nature turned against itself? What is in that hut? Find out next week, in the aftermath of The Savage Tide!



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