Hillard Gates

Agricultural Expert


Human Male
Expert / Druid


Hillard is a slight man with wavy black hair and grey eyes that seem constantly lost in thought. Has a habit of nibbling his fingers while thinking, and only really likes to converse about a few subjects.

A graduate of Sasserine Academy, Hillard is the fourth son of a prosperous farmer who liked the theory of farming more than the back-breaking practice. Has a savant-level talent for knowing what crops will do best where, and has been educated to know how to get the most out of any piece of farmland.

Antisocial, considers Lavinia one of his few true friends, and when she tempted him with the challenge of organizing a whole community’s agricultural efforts, he couldn’t possibly say no.

His animal companion, Truffler, is a potbellied pig, whose nose helps Hillard in assessing soil types.

Hillard Gates

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