Aldi Ferres

The monk with a hankering for adventures!


Character name: Aldi
Player: Jillian
Monk, lvl 9
Lawful Good: Heironeous
Female, dark hair, blue eyes, lightly-tanned skin
STR 15
DEX 15
CON 14
INT 14
WIS 16
CHA 10
AC 16
Speed 60
Fortitude 8
Reflex +8
Will +9
Base Attack +6/
Grapple 8
Unarmed Strike 8/3, 2D6+2 damage
-Monk’s Belt, 5 lvls, normally D102 damage

Flurry of Blows 8/8/3, 2d62 damage

Or lovely DM thinks she looks like China from Axis Powers Hetalia, and admittedly the resemblance is there. Hee.

Aldi’s character sheet is currently WIP (a work in progress), to be wrapped up next game with DM’s help


Aldi was left to live at a monastery when she was only a few months old; she knows nothing of her parents and supposedly neither did her masters. They arrived with her in tow, the masters consented to raising her, and they left as quickly and quietly as they had come. From then on she lived as a monk, learning to train her body and mind to achieve perfection from a very young age. While it was the environment she grew up in and the only thing she knew, and while she respected her masters and their teachings, she couldn’t help but feel some misgivings about some minor details of their “pathway to perfection:” that is to say, humility.

She has no problem with training rigorously, meditation, and dedication to the monk’s path, but she just doesn’t see why she should always be scolded for saying, “I just did something awesome. Wasn’t that cool? Yeah, it was. That was great!” rather than “I am that much closer to achieving perfection.” (She also has low charisma, so she always comes off like an asshole when talking about her own “awesomeness.”) Aldi feels that, at least in her monastery, the lines between humility and self-denial have blurred irreparably. This led to conflict as she grew older, and as she grew more outspoken she often garnered stern looks and lectures (no yelling, of course) from the elders. Eventually Aldi learned to keep her pride in her abilities to herself, and had a lot less trouble that way, but it also led her masters to believe that they’d finally doctrine’d the “vanity” out of her (which is, shall we say, totally WRONG).

As an adult, Aldi received permission to continue her training away from the monastery, having successfully convinced her masters that she could maintain the discipline and dedication necessary to do what basically qualified as monk independent study. And so she left her life-long home, and any acquaintances she might have made there. Finally able to freely act on her sense of self-awesomeness and the wanderlust she’d internalized for most of her life, she headed for the bustling port city of Sasserine to find some cool places to train, perfect herself, and maybe do a little showing off.

Aldi is not particularly interested in finding her family and reconnecting with them, thinking that if they were willing to just give her away, they would likely not be interested in seeing her again. For now she is content to be parentless, as she does consider her previous masters to be parental figures, or as close to them as she’s ever experienced, and does not feel like she’s worse off for it. She’s generally a pretty upbeat person, and has a lot of pep. She’s prone to speaking her mind without putting things in the proper context – “I think you’re an idiot” versus “I respectfully disagree” – and has thusly learned to try and keep most of her thoughts along those lines to herself; not that she’s particularly successful all the time. She might seem overbearing but usually means well, and she likes social interactions but she’s not necessarily good at expressing herself properly.

Aldi Ferres

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