Father Conrad Feres

Cleric in Mourning


Human Male
Cleric of Heironious


Conrad is an unassuming bald man of middle age. Possibly the least martial cleric to ever serve Heironious, he prefers to be left alone unless preforming his clerical observances, or caring for the children of Farshore.

Formerly a planar warrior who fought evil in the front ranks of Heironious’s forces alongside his beautiful paladin wife, Alanna Redhand. Unfortunately, he was attacked by a group of Nightcrawlers (undead insects 100 feet long), and swallowed. He cut his way out and escaped, but the creatures had drained him to the point where he could not even heal himself. He spent months recovering, before returning home to his pregnant wife, and discovering that she and the baby had died in childbirth.

But the baby did not die.
In fact, the baby is Aldi

Young Conrad Ferres & Alanna Redhand

Father Conrad Feres

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