Irgzid Uzeye

Suspiciously Healthy Troglodyte


Cleric / Rogue

A male Troglodyte, covered with bandages like most of the Lords of Dread. However, beneath the bandages, he is in perfect health.

He lost his faith after his guide turned out to be an Aeboleth in disguise, but now he is living in New Barbas, and working for the new village’s wellbeing.


Irgzid is the only troglodyte in Laogroat who seems to be immune to the strange disease. As the Troglodytes consider the disease a divine blessing, they have locked the “heretic” up in a cage until he catches the disease.

Irgzid, however, considers the rest of his tribes to be heretics, and will do anything to disrupt their new beliefs and bring them back to the true faith.

Irgzid Uzeye

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