Just call me "Kira"


Mature Adult Silver Dragon
Sacred Warder of Bahmaut


A clone of the dragon adventurer Lashonna, and the reincarnation of Lashonna’s soul, Kira was made by the draconic vampire Seurodis to spy on the band of adventurers known as The Duke’s Hand. However, this was all unknown to her, and when Seurodis’s soul was set free, Kira stayed with her “big sis”, the half-elf cleric Loor, and dedicated herself to the Platinum Dragon, Bahamut.

Now, 300 years later, Kira’vax’ir’thurkear is a well-known healer and protector, with untold skills of prophecy and divination. Her alignment strays from the Lawful Good normally expected of silver dragons, but her quirky, irreverent nature has won her many friends.

Now, she has joined a new group of heroes, to once again challenge the forces that threaten her world and her loved ones.


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