A Nautical scout from a far away land...


Female Sea Spiritfolk
Lvl 10 Scout Lvl 6 Horizon Walker

AC: 10 + 8 + 3 + 2 + 1= 24
HP: 93+16

STR: 14
DEX: 15
CON: 14+2
INT: 11
WIS: 17
CHA: 13

Fortitude save: +7+3
Reflex Save: +9+2
Will save: +5+3

Base Attack Bonus: 13/2

Chikiri – Speed Enhancement (enchanted)
~ A short polearm with a blade at one end and a chain with a weight on the other. This one has some modest decoration with oceany-things.

Damage: 1d6/1d4
On a Crit: x2
Type: Slash/Bludgeon
~Can be used as a double weapon
~can be used for trip attacks- with the chain on the end
~Because of Enchantment, can be used to attack twice in one round

(30ft ranged):
Chakram- Seeking enhancement (enchanted) 2X
Damage: 1d4
On Crit: x3
Type: Slash
~Seeking enchantment: will veer towards target, so there is no miss due to concealment.

Holy Composite Longbow +1 enchanted
Damage: 1d8
On crit: x3
Type: piercing
Enchantment: Holy, +2d6 to evil enemies

Nimbus Longbow +2
Damage:1d8 add strength bonus
On crit: x3
Type: piercing
~Shocking Burst
~against reptilian enemies: enchantment becomes +4 Shocking Burst,
+1d6 extra damage
Abilities: Usable outside
~ Control Winds 1/day
~ Summon Natures ally 1/day Med Arrowhawk
~ Warp Wood 3/day

Armor: +5 studded Leather
light armor
+6 AC
-1 bonus

  • Protective Item:* Chakar-Aina +2
    +3 AC
    -1 bonus

Worn item: Ring of Sustenance
~Constant nourishment and refreshment- allows her to get away with only 2 hours of sleep

Worn Item: +1 Ring of Protection
~ +1 to AC

Worn Item: Bracers of Health
~ +2 to Constitution

01 Latntern
01 Climber’s kit
01 Spyglass
02 waterskin with fresh water
01 ancestor totem (Though it’s been re purposed to honor her Sea Spirit ancestry rather than her human ancestry)

01 exotic-looking normalwear- Blue shirt of odd design with loose white-ish pants, great for not wearing armor and doing just about anything.

03 potion- cat’s grace
03 potion- Darkwision
04 potion- neutralize poison
06 potion- cure serious wounds
04 potion- cure moderate wounds
09 potion- cure light wounds
01 potion – Waterbreathing
01 Potion of spider climb

in Waterproof Brush pouch:
01 ink
01 inkbrush
01 inkstone
01 ink
200 paper

Unequipped Weapons:

Money: 3547gp


Kyo’s Letters to Dad- PC logbook

Kyo- Well, I wanted to explore, and now I get to go to the Abyss. Can’t get more explorer-y than that. I just hope Lavinia is ok.

Appearance: Kyo is a not-unattractive woman with luxurious flowing pale-bluish hair. Her intense, oddly blue eyes sparkle like water out of a tanned face with narrow eyes.
she has small pointy ears, and an air of strangeness not entirely due to her rokuganian origins, you can’t quite put your finger on it but she just doesn’t seem entirely huma but she is definitely not an elf or half-elf. in fact, although she has that exotic air, she is definitely not an elf of any sort.
She looks like a young adult, but when asked her age, she skirts around it. She doesn’t seem to have been counting, but you get the feeling that she is much older than she looks, and that that might be normal.
(She honestly has no idea. Her Father might know, but with him, everything is a crapshoot.)
She wears hide armor with blue-white ceramic decorated with ocean-y things and cranes. Somehow, though, whens shes swimming, even with this light-colored armor, its difficult to spot her.

Personality: Kyo tends to be relatively quiet. This is both because she is a generally quiet person, but is also because Common is her least-fluent language and its difficult to translate all the things she wants to say into that language from the 7 other less limiting languages she knows. Eastern customs are a bit odd to her, too, and she’s in the process of figuring them out, so that might also be a reason for her silence.
She also talks very little about her past, as she doesn’t feel that its necessary to spout her backstory everywhere, and that its better if she keeps it to herself. If she feels someone might be interested, she might talk about Rokugan’s Wildlife or tell a tale or two, but rarely will she talk about herself and rarely will she even mention her family, such as it is.
Not that she is keeping secrets or anything. If she is asked, she wont mind telling, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t ask. And even if she is asked, she only will tell you the exact answer, no more no less.
That is, unless she really trusts you, and currently the only person she trusts that much is Rowyn, since the gnome trusted her as well. Lavinia is a maybe, but as long as she doesnt need to know, she wont.

Anything about spirits, in general, will get her interest, since the customs about spirits are similar yet different in the East. on the same note, anything involving the torment or enslavement of spirits- of any sort but particularly those related to the sea- will get her REALLY riled up.
Honestly, while she thinks battle is fun, she’d rather avoid it. She tends to get hit, and she knows that shes best at exploring. Her preference is to run along in the distance, sticking arrows into her foes.
She usually doesn’t trust anyone completely (except for her father)- shes travelled around and has seen a few betrayals and such. But she seems to be opening up a bit to a group of heroines (That she is a part of). Perhaps childhood wounds will finally heal…

Things of note:
~She has a nap from noon-ish to two-ish in the afternoon. She hasn’t been seen sleeping at any other time, and even takes watch at absurdly late hours.
~She loves to swim around and has mentioned that if anyone falls overboard she would be happy to help them. She does seem to roll her eyes if anyone says that they can’t swim.
~She is oddly accurate about the weather
~She has mentioned that she would be happy to scout the surroundings of the ship if that service is needed
~she is sometimes seen writing strange symbols- they look like language- on paper with a brush and then putting it in an old wine bottle. She has been seen to toss bottles stuffed with paper over the edge. Whats odd is that these bottles appear labeled.
~She prays to a bizzare little totem and brings it to dinner on occasion, behaving as if shes sharing her food with it.
When asked, all she says is that is has to do with her ancestors.



Aldi: Kyo thinks she is awesome, and considers her a friend in general. Has an unfortunate habit of getting beaten up, but theres not much Kyo can do to help.
“I like her.”

Rowyn: Kyo considers Rowyn to be the closest to her, and is happy to share her flying carpet with her. She Is happy to watch the gnome’s back, and feels save with her at her back, to be honest.
“First, shes a gnome among humans and elves… and a half orc… but either way, shes different like me. Second, She trusted me enough to tell me about her past. I have no problem with her past, but it would be edgy to others so… that took alot of trust. And if she can trust me, I can trust her. Besides, shes more than proven her intentions towards us. I like her”

Ranu-Yani: Kyo things its ok that she keeps to herself, and is appreciative of the fire that the druid keeps hurling.

Chastity: Kyo is grudgingly respectful. Some aspects of Chastity are amusing, and the sorceress has a refreshing attitude and an array of powerful spells and summons that has saved their necks more than once.
But something about her just rubs her the wrong way. Kyo is probably still pissed about that Dancing lights incident.

Torra: Theres something odd about her, but Kyo cant quite put her finger on it and doesnt particularly care. Rowyn seems to be keeping an eye on her, so Kyo isn’t going to worry. She IS a valuable member of the team, after all.

Etzli and Metzli: Kyo likes the Olmans and Etzli is no exception. Honestly, shes just happy that theres someone else she can talk to about exploring. Plus, that weapon is cool. Also, wolf.

Durse: Kyo has no opinion on Durse yet. He seems to be uncomfortable around her, so she leaves him alone.
He will be a problem if he falls in the water, though.


Urol Forol: Kyo thinks he seems like an ok sort of guy. Shes talked to him (In the not-rped time) about the wildlife of her homeland of rokugan, a rare thing for her, let me tell you. Its probably because he seems so damn happy and interested. The mead he offers isn’t bad either, and its the only alcohol on this side of the world that she can stand… without becoming horribly horribly drunk immediately.

Aressa Mallik: Kyo is impressed. This is a good captain and she’s known some bad ones. This one at least listens to her weather reports!

Lavinia Vanderboren: Kyo wants to save her. Kyo likes her, and wants to make sure that she doesnt share her brother’s fate… One way or another.

Avner Meravanchi: She hasn’t heard much about him lately… Good

William Nesk: He is cute, and Aldi seems to be training him well, but Kyo gets nervous whenever he ends up near danger…

Harliss Jarvell: “Shes allright”

*Enemies: *

Vanthus Vanderboren: He isnt dead anymore. “SEE? SEE? THATS WHY YOU CREMATE THE DEAD! Damn Easterners, making it harder on themselves…”

Kala: “I DID NOT LIKE HIM. He tried to get us to turn against Aldi, by claiming to be her father. if that was true, that would have been terrible. But it wasnt, and he is dead now. Hah.”

Demogorgon: “He saw me… HE SAW ME… I’m afraid, but… I won’t let him hurt the world. I can’t do that, not after I’ve fought to protect it! I mean, I’m invested in it now. So he can go suck on a log.”

Backstory NPCS

Mom: “If she is even still alive, she can go suck on a log. I don’t care, she never cared, and I’m sure we’re both glad i left home.”

Dad (Ziangwei-no-Umi) : “I miss him. I mean, I send him letters and he visited once and he sent that coupon for that lovely magic carpet, but so much has happened since his last visit and I want to see him and chat and swim and… I just want my daddy, is that so wrong? I miss him…”

Ichiiwan: Ichiiwan is a CE fox hengeyokai scout who is a friend of Ziangwei’s and who taught Kyo alot of the things she knows, mostly because he felt like it, he likes Ziangwei, and he wanted the Sea Spirit to owe him a favor for once.
“I wonder how the old fox is doing? Oh well, probably the same as ever.”


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