A "reformed" cleric


Full Character Name: Loranys Aela Rowyn Trickfoot

Player: Lauren

Cleric, Lvl 11
Deity: Ehlonna
Domain: Animal, Sun


Lawful Neutral

Female, fair hair, blue eyes, 3’4", 41 lbs, 107 yrs old

Languages: Common, Gnome, Olman, Aquan

Str: 10

Dex: 17

Con: 12

Int: 14

Wis: 17

Cha: 12

HP: 80

AC: 23

Speed: 20

Fortitude: 11

Reflex: 10

Will: 15

Base Attack: 10

Grapple: 11


Rowyn is a lvl 11 cleric, with some training in weaponry, particularly daggers. She doesn’t have a strong connection to her family, but a Rogue commune, consisting of prostitutes, thieves, and assassins, in Lightmarsh gained her respect. The closest thing she has to a parent is a Gnome Rogue named Lieg, who trained her to be an assassin. When Rowyn was nearly ready to join the elite of the commune, her moral code forced her to break their laws, and she sought refuge in a temple of Ehlonna in Sasserine, where she learned the ways of a cleric. When asked about her reason for travelling to Farshore, she answers, “I wish to be of assistance to settlers and natives alike, with my abilities as a cleric of the goddess of the woodlands. The head priest of Ehlonna has given me his blessing to establish a church of Ehlonna on Farshore. He and I agree that, with the woodland nature of the settlement, the woodland deity would be welcomed.”

A recent encounter with her old comrades (who had been turned into demons) forced her to reevaluate her identity, which she is still struggling with.

Read her thoughts about her companions and recent events here: Rowyn’s Thoughts


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