Vanthus Vanderboren

Demonic Pirate


Vanthus is tall, lean and fit. He wears his hair, beard and clothing in the manner of the latest Sasserine fashions. Overall he paints the picture of your typical noble dandy, save that the sword and sickle that hang at his sides appear to be well-used.

In his changed form, however, he appears completely different. Red-eyed and bat-winged, scales coat his now more muscular arms. Horns and fangs sprout from his head, and a scorpion-like tail flicks back and forth behind him.


Lavinia Vanderboren’s younger brother, known to be something of a dandy. Now returning to his parents in Farshore in his ship, the Sea Griffin.

the Sea Griffin then crashed off the shore of The Isle of Dread. The crew all turned into monsters and Vanthus revealed his true form; a hideous monster, changed forever by demonic pacts. He had already been involved in drug trafficking, piracy and attempted sororicide, and he planned to add parricide to his laundry list of crimes.

Unfortunately, Vanthus managed to carry out his fell plans. His sister and the five heroines, however, did not let him get away with his crimes; He was struck dead by Torra Tailor while trying to remove them as witnesses.

Vanthus Vanderboren

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