Cheater of Fate


Lady of Love and Loss
Lady of Desire and Depression
Ruler of The Sighing Cliffs (Layer 270)


One of the first three succubi in existance. Sister of Malcanthet and Shami-Amoure, mother of Red Shroud, and ruler of the Sighing Cliffs. She is the patroness of love that is lost, betrayed or broken, and the misery it drives people into.

Xinivrae suffers from a terrible Geas: Everyone she loves will be lost to her. This can be by accident, design, betrayal, war… after losing out twice in the struggle for Queen of Succubi, Xinivrae despaired, but then the Wormgod, Kyuss, fell in battle, and fate began to shift. She realized that she could escape her fate by undoing it while the ripples still made it possible.

So, Xinivrae drank the Waters of Forgetting, and became a mortal soul. She was born into the body of an elf named Chastity, but she has not truly escaped yet.

Only by dying of natural causes, mourned and loved by true loved ones, will Xinivrae finally be able to break the vicious cycle, and go to whatever reward the afterlife holds for her.


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