The Savage Tide

Invasion of the Body Slashers
In which Aldi pests the wrong dog, and everyone meets a blender.


Homeward Flounders
In which everyone nearly drowns, and our heroes' triumphant return doesn't last too long.
The Good, the Bad and the Non-Euclidean
In which the walls have eyes and Rowyn totally meant to do that


The Bilewretch of Holansher

Fear and Loathing in Golismorga
In which Aldi learns not to trust cosmic horrors, and a cat makes himself useful


Brain collector

A Fish Called N'glothnoru
In which the party debates philosophy, and Torra agrees with an Aboleth


20,000 Leagues Under the Isle
In which the party meets an unlikely ally, and learns that bugs taste good


Riding Bugs

Irgzid Uzeye

Interlude: Lord of the Flings
In which Chastity tries to bang all of Farshore.

Law and Olmans: Spiritual Wierdness Unit
In which "inoocent until proven guilty" does not exist

After the defeat of Vanthus, Farshore has a lot of healing and reconstruction to do. Lavinia has moved into Farshore Mansion, and asked the heroines to take up temporary residence there. After a week of pulling things back together as best they could, the quintet gathered for a reading of Vanthus’s Diary. The document brought forth as many questions as it did answers: Who is behind The Crimson Fleet? Why and when are they planning to detonate the Shadow Pearls? It did, however, reveal the origin of the shadow pearls: a group of Troglodytes called “The Lords of Dread”, living in Gallivant Cove. Apparently, the only way to pass through Gallivant cove would be to pay The Glutton, an immense dragon turtle that made Gallivant Cove its home and hunting grounds.

However, exoneration would have to come before exploration, as the Olman Tribes united to send the leaders of Farshore a message: "If you wish to stay our allies, prove that the destruction of Atl’ Burowao was not your doing".

The six plus Lavinia met with the Olman council to plead their case and receive judgement. Each of the tribes proposed a different test, but Lavinia was able to talk them out of all but four:

“Steal a treasure from a Scyllian’s lair” from the Dawa, “Defeat a team of warriors in mock battle” from the Mora, “Guard the wall for a night” from the Tanaroans, and “Peacefully take a feather from the Rainbow Eagle” from the Kirikuka.

Without delay, the sextet set about the Mora’s challenge, arming up for a non-leathal group duel with some of Mora’s best and brightest. However, the battle itself was strange and inconclusive. While some of the Mora were knocked unconscious, two fell by their own or allies’ hands. Kyo in particular was affected with strange luck, with falls somehow transforming into near-fatal strikes.

Finally, the council ended the match, as capricious spirits were making judgement extremely difficult.

Veni, Vidi, Vanthus
In which the back-stabber gets backstabbed, but victory is bittersweet

Locations: Inlet off Farshore, The Isle of Dread => Farshore
In-World Date: 5 – 21 – 964

Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus Vanthum, to be gramatically correct

After quickly looting the fallen witch and her pirates, the heroines were grateful to find several healing potions they could use before pursuing Vanthus.

They sped after the pirate’s longboat, but when they rounded the pint they found a most peculiar sight: Vanthus’s ship, which had crashed into the rocks back by the village, apparently whole again and sailing straight for Farshore’s main pier, where Larissa and Vareck Vanderboren awaited their son’s return. However, the cruel trick was revealed a moment later when the ship struck the dock and exploded: Vanthus had filled his longboat with alchemist’s fire, then cast an illusion on the boat to make it look like his broken ship. His own men, dominated by his demonic powers, had then rowed the boat and its deadly cargo straight into the pier, taking themselves, the elder Vanderborens, and the entire welcoming party, to a fiery end.

The entire party was horrified by the sudden and terrible destruction. Lavinia lapsed into disbelieving shock, while Kyo made to dive in and look for survivors. However,before she could dive over the side, Vanthus himself came flying up from behind them, sword and sickle in hand. He struck Ranu-Yani across the back in a sudden flyby attack, then slashed Chastity in his second pass. However, despite his flying prowess, he was unable to avoid a Flame Strike cast by Ranu-Yani.

The heroines ran after him and caught him before he could fly away again. Torra Tailor got in front of him, while an eagle summoned by Chastity cut off his escape from above. Forced to stand and fight, Vanthus proved a terrifyingly deadly opponent. His armor, thick scales and skillful dodging made him almost impossible to hit, while his whirling blades and barbed tail marked each of his foes at least once (save for the dexterous Rowyn, and brought Kyo close to death. He also proved to have a resistance to magic, which prevented Ranu-Yani from turning him into a hamster.

Lavinia also attacked her brother, full of grief and rage, while Vanthus parried and laughed in her face. The last laugh was not his, however, as Torra Tailor managed to evade his thrashing tail and stab him fully in the back. With a look of shock on his face and a whisper of “But… He promised….”, Vanthus fell dead to the deck.

Aldi Ferres and Chastity took some time to cathartically pummel the villain’s corpse, but Lavinia wasn’t comforted by her brother’s death. She stood, frozen, as the smoke cleared and revealed the sheer destruction he had caused. The heroines gathered around her, offering comfort, which Lavinia seemed unable to take. With her monk’s intuition, Aldi managed to see the root of the matter: With her parents dead and her brother revealed and defeated, the only thing Lavinia had left was the people of Farshore, the people she now had to lead, and before whom she could not show any weakness, even if bottling everything up destroyed her. Knowing this, Aldi gently told Lavinia that the five of them were not just her subjects, to be protected, but also her friends. Embraced by her friends, Lavinia finally allowed herself to cry over the loss of her family, and begin the long process of healing.

A thorough search of Vanthus’s corpse (and a few more kicks) revealed, among his various items and treasures, a little red diary. What does this book contain? What was promised to Vanthus, and who promised it? Is the threat of The Crimson Fleet really over, and what lies ahead for Farshore if it is not?

To find out, keep reading next week, when we shed some light on The Savage Tide!


Poor, Unfortunate Foals
In which the sea-witch gets bitchslapped.

Locations: Inlet off Farshore, The Isle of Dread
In-World Date: 5 – 21 – 964

The world’s busiest day continued as our heroes attempted to pursue Vanthus. However, Ingred, his sea-witch servitor, intercepted them with a longboat full of pirates, while Vanthus fled towards Farshore.

Pulled by a quartet of Chastity’s summoned Hippocampi,the heroes hurried towards Ingrid’s boat.First, they shot it with arrows tied to bottles of alchemist’s fire, then they leaped aboard. The pirates were all taken down with relative ease, but Ingred’s Shield Guardian, a stone construct in the shape of Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons, was a much greater threat. Its stone limbs struck at Kyo, Lavinia, and Aldi as they desperately tried to destroy its mistress.

With her immense swimming skill, Kyo managed to swim around behind Ingred and stab the unsuspecting witch, but unfortunately the witch had more fell powers up her sleeve. She gripped Kyo’s head and cast a Slay Living spell, which Kyo was able to survive, if only barely. The sea spirit-folk sank to the bottom of the water, and was presumed dead by most.

Damaged by their fire attacks, the pirate’s boat began to fall apart, and eventually both ingred and her Shield Guardian fell from the boat. The witch then conjured a horizontal Wall of Ice to keep them afloat, breaking the boat as she did so. Lavinia and Torra fell into the water at this time, and one of the pirates bashed his head on the underside of the wall and drowned.

The Shield Guardian then made a terrible meistake: killing one of Chastity’s summoned hippocampi. The sorceress unleashed her rage on the construct, blasting it with spell after spell. Meanwhile, Ingred was surrounded on all sides by the remaining heroines and proved that, despite the impressive trident she carried, close combat was not her forte. With a final blow from Aldi, the witch sank beneath the waves, to where Kyo was finally waking up. With its mistress’s demise, the Shield guardian ceased to function, and also sank as the ice melted, and the hroines clambered back aboard their boat.


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