Tag: Outsider


  • Demogorgon

    The self-proclaimed "Prince of Demons", Demogorgon is the one behind the creation of the Shadow Pearls, the activities of [[The Crimson Fleet | The Crimson Fleet]], and who knows what hundred-thousand other wickednesses. His plans must be stopped, for …

  • Orcus

    An arrogant and powerful demon lord, who wishes to overthrow Demogorgon once and for all. Has a huge army of demons and undead, but plans to take on Demogorgon himself.

  • Gwynharwyf

    Consort of Morwel and leader of the Eldarin armies, Gwynharwyf is the personification of righteious rage. In battle, she can take the form of a whirlwind of blades, but she always has a kind word for those she protects. Patroness of the [[Church of the …

  • Shami-Amoure

    The former Queen of Succubi, now imprisoned in the Well of Darkness. One of the first succubi, along with her sisters [[:malcanthet-1 | Malcanthet]] and [[:xinivrae | Xinivrae]].

  • Xinivrae

    One of the first three succubi in existance. Sister of [[:malcanthet-1 | Malcanthet]] and [[:shami-amoure | Shami-Amoure]], mother of Red Shroud, and ruler of the Sighing Cliffs. She is the patroness of love that is lost, betrayed or broken, and the …

  • Ryujin

    The lord over all water spirits and sea dragons, Ryujin-No-Ookami is very powerful, but rarely concerns himself with events outside Rokugan. He will move, however, against Demogorgon, who stole his Tide-Ebbing and Tide-flowing Pearls, and made foul …