Tag: crew


  • Bretha Dargyth

    Sailor and ship's metalworker. Most dwarves don't take to sailing... but apparently there's at least one exception. Plans to set up a smithy in Farshore.

  • Aressa Mallik

    A slight but powerful woman with fine blonde hair tied neatly back from her forehead, Amella dresses to fight and sail rather than to please the eye. A thin scar graces her right cheek. Amella is rather foul-mouthed, fond of uttering oaths only heard …

  • Willam Nesk

    A slight youth with unusual blond hair and sharp features. His accent is hard to place. He is constantly infused with a sense of wonder, enthusiasm and optimism. Thoroughly impressed with Aldi's combat skills, he wants to be a monk.

  • Father Conrad Feres

    Conrad is an unassuming bald man of middle age. Possibly the _least_ martial cleric to ever serve Heironious, he prefers to be left alone unless preforming his clerical observances, or caring for the children of Farshore. Formerly a planar warrior who …

  • Lirith Veldriose

    A red-headed tomboy that wears flamboyant scarves and silks, Lirith has taken to acting the sailor for the past year. Lirith works hard on the voyage and intends to settle in Farshore. Lirith loves to show off, often swinging from the rigging or balancing …

  • Skald

    Skald is a shifty-looking, hunch-shouldered character with pale skin, a nasal voice, and unsettling eyes. Yet dispite appearances he has shown himself to be an honourable, dependable and couragous man. Skald keeps his reasons for joining the expedition to …

  • Grimalkin

    Ships cook and unofficial comedian, Grimalkin's always making jokes. While his puns aren't always appreciated, his food is, as he loves to experiment with cuisine and his triumphs far outnumber his failures.

  • Trevan Knotwood

    A bearded old salt with a prominent neck tattoo. Knows the Azure Sea like the back of his hand, and can smell a storm coming an hour away. Member of the [[Azure Cathedral | Azure Cathedral]].

  • Gillo "Tiny" Greenbottle

    An orc raised by halflings, Gillo usually goes by the name of "Tiny", simply for the irony of it. He and his "big sister", [[:102284 | Tansy Greenbottle]], are only working as sailors to cut travel costs... their real dream is to get to the Isle of Dread …

  • Tansy Greenbottle

    An adventurous halfling with an eye for business and a taste for beer. She and her “little brother”, [[:102282 | Gillo "Tiny" Greenbottle]], are only working as sailors to cut travel costs… their real dream is to get to the Isle of Dread and open “Tansy's …