Chastity's Journal

If you are reading this you are either a snoop or a thief, in which case get out of my private journal you imbecile, you are meddling in things you cannot understand, or I have died. If the latter is the case, and I died of natural causes, the only situation in which I would not have instantly risen as Xinivre, LEAVE ME DEAD. As you will read I have reasons for wishing to stay this way.

Has Been Hit

Helena Hale
Olman Shamaness
Captain Aressa
Trevan Knotwood
Tricia Laine
Jenna and Kale Sweetleaf
Harliss Jarvell

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Tiny Greenbottle
Herrin Delmont
Father Conrad Feres
Clary Goodkind
Bretha Dargyth
Tansy Greenbottle
Torra Tailer

Entry 1
Dear Diary,

So, after the events of today I have decided to start keeping a journal. It seems that my memory is becoming untrustworthy, and I desperately need a way to keep track of what has happened, and any information I have learned. I now seem unable to remember any event that happened to me prior to age 50. Hopefully none of my companions will find out. Regardless, I should start at the beginning of what they know about me, rather than with recent events.

It all started with the Duchess’s lover. The woman was a hateful bitch, but you have to admit, she had great taste in men. Besides, why would she assume they were exclusive? It’s not like they had a contract, and he was sleeping with her for money. Regardless, he was a fun ride for a few nights. He was not the only one I was sleeping with, of course, just the most relevant. Regardless, just when I was considering ending the affair, the man was fun, but not that fun, the Duchess found out. Fortunately one of the other people I was sleeping with was a much more rational individual, and warned me about her reaction, and I was able to avoid her and her men.

At that point I decided that leaving town quick would be a very good idea. I saw an advertisement for settlers to Farshore, with the boat leaving within a week, and it seemed perfect. After all, if I couldn’t convince a noble that I was a wonderful candidate for resettlement who could? Turns out that lying to Lavinia is harder than you would think, but I digress. The point is I made it onto the ship, without being caught by the duchess, and very well supplied. A week trapped on a boat gets incredibly boring incredibly fast, so I went on some purely necessary shopping trips. Fully disguised, of course. I may have been board out of my mind, but I did not have a death wish.

Finally the ship was ready to leave, and all of the other passengers showed up. Some of them where interesting, some less so. I have since gotten to know all of them much better, which is very unusual for me. I may need to leave soon. I am starting to get too attached. There are some things I have to finish before that happens anyway, but we will see. I will write more when I can, and hopefully I can get everything down before I forget. Maybe I won’t have to keep this journal any more if I leave. Something to think about, regardless.

Entry 2
Dear Diary,

I thought I should start with my impressions of my companions to date, as that is something I can least afford to forget.

Aldi is a monk of Heronius. She is very good at hitting things with her hands, but she lacks subtlety. I flirted with her once, and she seemed confused by my offer. I will not repeat it unless she indicates interest. Whatever my relations to a succubus may be I will never force anyone. She is also a very good person, which can get very annoying, and in the way of a lot of things. She always needs to rescue people, which has caused problems before. However her blunt honesty can be very refreshing.

Kyo is part sea sprite, or something along those lines. She is an incredible swimmer. She tends to work as our scout. She is very useful, but I have had relatively limited interactions with her to date. She also recently purchased a flying carpet, which has proven to be every bit as useful as my broom, though it can fit more people. She also caries around a very large number of potions, which have come in handy in many different situations. She also has some level of charisma, though, of course, not as much as me. She also shares my reactions to animals.

Ranu-Yani is a druid. She is very good at casting flame strike. She and Rowyn seem to spend a lot of time together, but again my interactions with her have been limited.

Rowyn is a cleric, but she has some skills which are very unusual for a cleric to have. She picks locks incredibly well, and the party recently discovered that she had once been trained as an assassin. Unfortunately we discovered this when fighting her old mentor and guild, but she seemed to be alright despite the battle. The mentor she managed to send to another dimension before the rest of the fighting started. I killed several of the others myself. I wonder if she holds it against me? I doubt I will ever find out. Regardless she is one of the more useful members of the party. She is usually the one who heals us. She has also now brought me back to life after Vanthis killed me. Stupid bastard exploded my unconscious body. I believe I now owe her a debt of gratitude, though I may not stay long enough to fill it.

Torra is a spellthief. At first she pretended to be just a sorceress, like me, but she had some abilities that do not come with those skills. Eventually I asked her, along with Rowyn, and she told us the truth. Apparently she just tells people she is a sorceress because the name sounds bad. I can sympathize. I would not tell people either. She is very useful in a fight, and can use both magical and physical attacks. Unfortunately neither proved very useful today, but then no one really did against the shadow demons. The only thing that seemed to work was holy. Regardless she is one of the people in this group who makes the most sense to me. I find that I trust her, which is a surprise, though for the most part I will never show it. I tried to flirt with her as well, but she rejected my offer. Apparently she was not interested. Oh well.

The other two of the current party did not join us on the ship, they joined us later. The first was Etzli. He is a ranger, and has the most adorable wolf, who is now giant. He is also Olman. The first time he showed up he helped us fight of some skinwalkers. We protected an entire village that day. The skinwalkers had killed a party that had gone exploring and then took their appearances and returned. They were very annoying to deal with. Aldi got bitten by a monster that had been looking like a dog, and their sorcerer cast Feeblemind on me and Torra! It was incredibly annoying, not being able to cast spells. I hope that never happens again. So far Etzli seems to be trustworthy, though he also lacks charisma.

Derse is the final member of our group, as well as the last one to join. After the events with the skinwalkers I cast charm monster on one of them, and we asked him to show us into their base. While there we fought an aspect of Demagorgon, who seemed to recognize me… he also said he was Aldi’s father, though that turned out to be a lie. However before that we found a bunch of people in cells. Most of them had their minds ripped away. The only one still functional was Derse. He is a half-ork berserker, who says his job is killing demons, and not much else. I also really hope he does not find out about the succubus thing. I can’t imagine he would take it at all well. The first thing I did when we encountered him was flirt with him, which may have been a bad idea, as he seemed very uncomfortable. That can be hard to tell with Derse, though. He was having some trouble with his fighting abilities, though that seems to have changed. He did far better today in the conflicts with the shadow demons and Vanthis. I had better stop for the moment, but I will start again as soon as I can. I just hope I don’t forget anything important before I can get everything down.

Entry 3
Dear Diary,

The next most important person for me to remember is Lavinia Vanderboren. She is a noble, the noble who agreed to let me become a colonist for Farshore. She is also the first person who has become my friend in a very long time. She is a good person, and she works incredibly hard to ensure that Farshore runs as smoothly as is possible. She seemed like just another noble, until everything started going wrong with the voyage. We saw an explosion and then nature around us started mutating. We fought a three legged seagull, and then got caught by a current that pulled us into a rock. The same had happened to some other ships before us. Kyo also said that there was no reason for the current to be there, and she would know. Fortunately Torra had a boat in a box, and between that and a few of my summoned creatures we managed to get everyone safely to shore. We also managed to fix one of the boats to the point where it was not going to sink, though not exactly sailable. There were a few mutant Olmans on shore who attacked us, but they were relatively simple to deal with. Then we saw another group of mutant Olmans gathered around a hut, and decided to intervene.

Unfortunately at that point Avner decided he just had to be the one making the plans, chauvinist that he is. That man is really only useful in the bedchamber. I don’t know why he thinks otherwise, but that is the only reason I slept with him. That, and it really was a boring voyage, until that last bit. Regardless, he got annoying, so I cast daze on him, and then we bound and gagged him, and left him with the civilians. Dealing with the mutant Olmans around the hut was not particularly complicated, though it was not exactly simple, either. Towards the end a captain named Harliss stepped out of the hut and gave us a hand. She was a delight, and gave us some very useful information. I really am glad that we managed to find her again. When the conversation was over she drank a potion, turned into gas, and we went back to the rest of the group.

We decided that it would be best for us to chase after Vanthis in Torra’s boat, and sped after him. He had a sea witch with him, and he left her to “deal with” us. It did not end well for the sea witch, but in the process Kyo got knocked unconscious and sank. That was only limitedly a problem, as she seems to be able to breathe under water, but for a while we were not sure she was still alive. When that mess had been cleaned up we went back to chasing after Vanthis. We got to Farshore just in time to see his boat explode, and take the entire dock, along with all of the dignitaries who had come to great him, along with it. Nothing was left, though we did not have a chance to check then. Vanthis himself finally showed up, looking rather less human than I imagine he must have originally. He was a pain to kill, since he had a tail, but the fight still ended with him dead, and me jumping on his head. Unfortunately this time I was unable to burn his body as I wanted to due to the fact that he exploded. Hopefully that will still stop him from returning? Regardless he is a very annoying brat.

Lavinia was very upset by the entire process, which is entirely understandable. She had just lost her entire family, and one of them she had been forced to kill. I think that was the point where Lavinia and I became friends. She needed some, and we had already proven that we did not need her to protect us. She needs people who are not depending on her for their survival, or the pressure will drive her mad. Madder than those shadow demons already did. She will recover from that, though. I do wonder what Vanthis meant when he mentioned summoning a demon? Oh well, I certainly can’t ask Lavinia that at the moment. That should be enough for tonight. Maybe tomorrow I will get to write longer.

Entry 4
Dear Diary,
Continuing in the vein of those it is most important I not forget is Helena Hale. She and I have also become friends, and perhaps more, though I am not sure about that. She and her little son have to be protected at all costs. Roland is so precious. I hope he never has to see the world as his mother and I see it.

Helena was a whore who got pregnant. The father needed an heir, and decided that her baby would do fine for one. He attempted to take him away from Helena. She refused and hid. The wife of the lord was less than happy with the entire situation, and she was the one who eventually found Helena. She had her men torture her. Trisha was the madam of the establishment at which Helena worked. She managed to rescue Helena and got them all passage to Farshore. They now run a Tavern, Helena plays the harp, and Trisha dances. They are in danger even here if the lord ever finds out, and I will kill him if he shows up. Roland needs his mother far more than he needs the shackles of being the heir to a title.

After them is Aressa Mallik. She was the captain of the ship that took us to Farshore. She swears a lot, and is very, very good with rope. That was a most enjoyable night for both of us. She is also incredibly loyal to Lavinia, as is most of Farshore.

After her is Bretha Dargyth. She is dwarf who is now the blacksmith in Farshore. Apparently dwarf’s law says that everyone must heterosexual, which really is a pity. Regardless, she is very good at crafting things.

Following her is Clary Goodkind. She is a seamstress, and a very, very good one. She is also a wonderful source of information, though she is a bit of a prude. She dislikes Trisha immensely. Fortunately she was also incredibly dense the one time I tried to hit on her.

Father Conrad Feres is next. He is a very sweet priest of Heronius, who has a great deal of PTSD. He lost his abilities in a fight with demons, then returned to find his pregnant wife and their unborn child dead. He might have been able to do something about it, if he had not lost his abilities. Now instead he just morns her loss. He watches over the children of Farshore now, while their parents are at work. He loved his wife dearly, and will not break his vow of chastity to her memory. I did try once, and he was very sweet about it. It seems that Aldi is the daughter he was told died with her mother. I am very happy that he will have a chance to meet her, and I hope she will give him some measure of happiness.

Tiny Greenbottle is an ork. He is the brother of Tansy, who is a halfling. They run an inn together. Both refused my advances, saying that elves are to breakable. Aside from that they seem nice enough.

Grimalkin was the cook on the ship. He is very good, and very creative. With food, as well. Sometimes creativity in a cook can be disturbing, though it did make the months of shark edible. That elasmosaurus really was adorable.

Herrin Dellmont is a former soldier, turned farmer. He is looking for a wife, and refuses to get distracted. His is rather too proper for my tastes most of the time, though he seems nice enough, from our, admittedly few, interactions.

Jenna and Kale Sweetleaf are a delight. They study nature, and similarities between cultures in animals and in humans. There can be some very nice crossovers between the two. They are also very entertaining to watch interacting.

Skald was originally an elf. Someone experimented on him greatly, and now what he is, is purely academic. Regardless he is a very sweet man, though he could use a good dose of confidence. I suppose that is not something you would gain from the experiences he must have had. It did make taking him to bed an interesting experience, though. I hope he will find happiness while here.

I am not quite sure what to say about Hillard Gates, as I have had very few interactions with him. However I believe this holds true for most people.

The situation with Trevan Knotwood is a bit more interesting. As mentioned above most of the voyage to Farshore was incredibly boring. As such one day I decided to cast dancing lights. It is just a harmless light show, after all. Unfortunately Trevan saw the lights, but did not realize that they were caused by a spell. He thought they were something called god’s fire. Apparently it is light that gathers around the mast of ship during a storm. Since there was no storm that apparently made the lights a horrible omen. He started pouring libations to the gods, and in the process dumped most of the alcohol into the sea. In an attempt to explain what had happened I walked over to him and recast the spell right in front of him. He… got really upset. That night he put a bunch of seaweed in my bed, and pinned a rat he appeared to have found in a trap to my headboard. Fortunately for him he has since made it up to me. I really wish he was not quite so good with untying knots, though. I suppose that just goes with being a sailor.

The next person is Willam Nesk. He is the cabin boy on the ship, and at 10 years old, is completely adorable. He follows Aldi around allot, and seems to have decided he want to become a monk when he is older. Fortunately for him Aldi is going to build a school, and she is already training him. He comes along on rather more of our adventures that I really think is safe for him, though. I do wish we had not brought him along with us to the Abyss.

Urol Forol is a very old gnome. He is a druid, though I don’t know much more about him. Again, he is not someone I interact with very often. I remember very little of Lirith Veldriose, and am not sure what to say about her. I hope my memories are not slipping too badly, already. Regardless, those are my observation on everyone. I suppose that is enough for one night.

Entry 5
Dear Diary,

I suppose now that I have all of the people listed I should update events appropriately. After the events with Vanthis and the mutations the Olmans where understandably upset, and for some reason seemed to blame us. We went through a trial, and managed to persuade some of them of the truth, but the others gave us challenges. They were “Steal a treasure from a Scyllian’s lair” from the Dawa, “Defeat a team of warriors in mock battle” from the Mora, “Guard the wall for a night” from the Tanaroans, and “Peacefully take a feather from the Rainbow Eagle” from the Kirikuka. The first was the mock battle. The second was the Scyllian’s lair. Getting the treasures were not very difficult; I simply cast suggestion on the Scyllian, and told it to go get a bracelet that I had placed on a convenient outcropping earlier, while the other entered from the back and grabbed a few things. Then we all left in a hurry. Aldi ran off to take a feather from the Rainbow Eagle while the rest of the group was at the Scyllian’s lair. From what she says it went well, and she did get the feather. While guarding the wall we were attacked by demonic tigers, but aside from that very little happened. There were few injuries, and no deaths, which gained us a great deal of respect from the Olmans. Not much happened after that for a while.

Eventually Lavinia asked us to talk with the Glutton. Apparently her brother had an arrangement with him, and we needed to find the source of the shadow pearls, which had caused the explosions. We found that the only way to summon the Glutton was to call it with a giant musical pipe, and had to ask Helena to operate it. As soon as she had I sent her back to Farshore on one of my creatures. He seemed to like Torra a lot, and me not at all. Not terribly important, as we managed to talk our way through it, but still an interesting change of events. When we went through there was a city of Troglodites. They seemed to worship Demagorgen rather than their traditional gods. It seems that they had a trade arrangement with Vanthis and the Crimson Fleet. He provided them with slaves and captives, and they provided him with the shadow pearls. They had two captives still alive when we went through. We left temporarily, and then decided we had to go back and rescue them, thanks to Aldi. The man we sent back with the ship, but the troglodite told us of a city in the caves, and offered to take us there. We agreed.

Apparently the city was named Barbas. There had been a huge amount of interbreeding between the races, and it had a very interesting effect. They were all very happy to see outsiders. There was a bit of a problem in getting to Barbas, as there was a shield made of the souls of ancient Olmans which did not allow water to pass. It caused problems when Kyo tried to pass, but she managed, as did the rest of us. They offered to sell us some rations and some riding bugs. The bugs were so cute! I got a green and purple one whom I named Umbra. We rode them from that point on, as they could walk on walls. There was a monster, called an Aboleth, which had fossilized over the millennia, but was still alive. Rowyn dissected it, and apparently it had some very interesting anatomy.

The troglidite told us he was taking us to a holy place, and he did take us to a place he clearly though was holy. Unfortunately his high priest turned out to be another Aboleth, rather than the ancient troglodite he had been pretending to be. He told us of a city, far beneath the surface, where a stone held the shields to stop the Aboleths, and where the shadow pearls where being created. He gave us directions, and we decided to destroy both the stone and the pearls. I think this will have to be enough for tonight. Perhaps I will have more time for writing later? Regardless, I shall have to make the time.

Entry 6
Dear Diary,

To continue my previous entry, getting to Golismorga was not difficult. Once there we had to hide a lot, and sneak past the guards, but that proved relatively simple. We found a giant crater, inside of which were a cosmic horror, and a giant stone. The cleric cast a spell that caused the stone to explode, and I did the same to the cosmic horror. It was trying to take Aldi’s brain. I do really wish it had not ended that way. It would have been so much more satisfying to simply send the monster home to its own dimension. It was simply lost, after all. Besides, Phantasmal Killer is not supposed to make things explode. It certainly never has since.

After that we destroyed the thing that was making the shadow pearls, and left the slowly flooding city on our bugs. Eventually we managed to catch up with the residents of Barbas, who had a prophecy stating that they would have to leave, and it would be a good change. They seemed to be managing fine. From there we SHIT…

Oh dear, I really must find a better hiding place for writing this. At least I am almost up to date. As I was saying, from there we returned to Farshore, via my summoned creatures, as per usual. Soon after we left on the mission were we met Etzli and Derse, as is described earlier. Enough for now. I really can’t afford to let my party members find out…I have not told them that I remember being a succubus, though I think they have guessed.

Entry 7
Dear Diary,

I have finally found a spot where I am reasonably unlikely to be seen. I suppose the last thing I need to do now is describe how we got here. When we returned to Farshore from the adventure with the aspect of Demagorgen we discovered Lavinia’s home in flames, and Lavinia kidnapped. I found a brief note she had been able to write to tell us where she was being taken before they had incapacitated her. Who was doing the kidnapping was painfully clear. Vanthis seems to have about as much subtlety as Aldi does. We followed it to a outlaw port, in part at the request of Harliss, who sent me a dream message. When we got there we discovered that Harliss had been captured. Getting her out was not as hard as it could have been, we really where insanely lucky, despite Derse running away for the entire battle.

Harliss told us of a dimension portal on a ship that had recently been sent off, and we decided to chase the ship down. It turned out that the people on the ship where former associates of Rowyn’s. They had been hired by the Crimson Fleet, and recently sent to the flesh forges, so they could no longer leave. Rowyn sent her old mentor to another dimension, and the rest we just had to kill. Several of them where my fault, though as they also almost managed to kill Aldi I am not terribly upset about this. After the battle we managed to find a chest, which seemed to be impossible to open. Fortunately it seems Torra can. At that point Harliss decided she should leave, which was completely understandable. Meddling with portals is always a dangerous business.

We then used the portal to travel with the ship to the abyss. It was at that point that I started to have these memories of life as a succubus. We encountered some shadow demons, who attempted to drive everyone else in the party insane. I wonder if there was a reason they did not try that with me? Maybe it has something to do with these new memories. Anyway, they were a bit of a pain to defeat, as the only attacks that seemed to work against them where holy. Once they were finished I cast Locate Creature, and we followed it to Lavinia. She was in fairly bad shape, but she does seem to be a bit better now.

At about that point Vanthis and another group of shadow demons showed up. They managed to kill me and Ranu-Yani before being killed themselves. When I died, my soul was released, as Xinivre. It seems that I got tired of my geas, and decided to take advantage of the fluctuations of fate to try and get out. It will be very difficult. I have to die a natural death while someone is around to morn my passing. It seems a bit unlikely at the moment, but I am attempting to think of ways to improve my odds. Regardless, when I came back as Xinivre I called some incubi and succubi to aid in our fight. We managed to dispatch Vanthis and the shadow demons. Then Rowyn brought Ranu-Yani and I back. At that point a few of us flew down into the pit, and found the cell in which Shami-Amoure was being held and freed her. She suggested a few people for us to ask for help, and then left. Soon we will leave to find allies, but first, I have to speak with my daughter, and my army.

Entry 8
Dear Diary,

I recently realized that among the memories lost of the first 50 years of my life was my first encounter with my familiar. As neither of us is particularly alright with this situation Celena is relating to me what she remembers of it, and I shall write it bellow.

“The spell to summon a familiar is always the first spell an apprenticed sorceress, or sorcerer, is taught. In the case of Chastity learning the spell is the reason she became an apprentice sorceress. I was called one day, a very depressing rainy day. It seems Chasity had gotten board, as is a bit to easy for her to do. Nothing like a cat, of course. Anyway, she had gotten board, and decided to try summoning herself a friend. Naturally it did not work the first time, but the fact that she managed to get it to work on her own impressed the sorcerer in residence with her parents. She started taking lessons from him, and we have never been parted since. I suppose considering it is no real surprise she became a summoning specialist.”

I am quite certain some of those things must be taken with a grain of salt. Of course, I have no memory of the event myself, so I cannot be completely sure. Regardless, at least I now have some idea of what happened.

To focus on other matters, I went to see my daughter since the last time I wrote. Getting through the portal was a bit of a pain. I had to pay the gatekeepers a chameleon power ring, two potions of endure elements, and a cure serious wounds potion. I just hope it is worth it. The guards into my throne room where rather dense, and refused to believe that I was who I said I was. I finally just flew in through one of the windows. Red Shroud was a bit upset about my refusal to tell her my plans, and refused to allow me to use my own army! She did have some good points about how they where currently fighting, and not nearly enough to take on Demagorgen, but still, it is MY army. They would not have made much of a difference, though, and I was able to get my weapon back.

Red Shroud has not done too bad a job with the Sighing Cliffs. It is not what it was, in my day, but she is learning. She also lacks my years of experience, and my prestige as one of the first. We have lost ground. I just hope she will not lose too much in the oncoming battle. She is forewarned, and may be able to use it to her advantage. She did express interest in gaining my powers, and I indicated that I was working to give them to her as soon as possible. I just wish I had some way of speeding the process up. Regardless, I hope that will keep her relatively loyal to my wishes, at least until she has my powers.

Chastity's Journal

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