Church of the Whirling Fury

An extremely mysterious organization, the Church of the Whirling Fury is in fact a loose, semi-secret group of like-minded souls who seek to oppose the advance of demonic influences into the the Material Plane while at the same time venerating their patron, the eladrin paragon Gwynharwyf (Book of Exalted Deeds 155). They keep their presence in the Azure Sea subtle, operating on the theory that to openly oppose such dangerous forces invites open retaliation—much better to gather information and strike with the advantage of surprise. The church of the Whirling Fury accepts members of all vocations and skills, although their doctrines tend to preach “all for the greater good.” As such, they often find themselves operating on the shady side of the law. Barbarians, clerics, and rangers are the best suited classes for this affiliation.

Symbol: A wheel of five arms holding scimitars. Whirling Fury Symbol

Background, Goals, and Dreams: Founded recently by followers of Gwynharwyf in Sasserine, the organization’s purpose is to protect the material plane from demonic influence and invasion. Being a loose group, there is very little formal organization, but any member of the group may call upon another other for sanctuary, or to help with a difficult hunt.

Enemies and Allies: All demons are the enemies of the Church of the Whirling Fury. While they have few formal allies, Eldarins look on members of the church with favor, and there seems to be a tenuous alliance forming with the Host of the Seven Arrows.

Class Notes: The church teaches the Champion of Gwynharwyf PrC.

Type: Cabal

Scope: 3

Capital: 3 (GP limit 5,000, assets 15,000 gp)

Affiliation Score Criteria: This is how you are seen in the eyes of your patron and fellow members.

Advancement Criterion Affiliation Score Midifier
Effective character level +1/2 levels
Is female +1
Worship Gwynharwyf +2
Base attack +5 or higher +1
Base attack +10 or higher (stacks with above) +1
Member of Champion of Gwynharwyf prestige class +2
Makes weekly observances +1
Completes a mission to fight demonic infestation +2
Defeat a demon in combat (relative CR must be +2 or greater) +1
Destroy artifact tied to the abyss +4
Make pilgrimage to the Court of Stars +2
Associate with those who consort with demons -2
Willingly associate with demons -4
Summon a demon to the Material Plane -10
Lawful alignment -2
Evil alignment -10
Failure to confront greater evil -1
Failure to confront evil of challenging strength -4
Fiendish graft, symbiont, or other boon from a demonic source -20

Titles, Benefits, and Duties: The church offers some perks, given by others and their patron

Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Lay Member: No benefits.
4-10 Ardent Accolyte: The church welcomes you as a faithful member of the concretion. Welcome at church meetings, associate freely with members, learn affiliation skills and the Champion of Gwynharwyf prestige class.
11-20 Blade Warden: May requisition one potion of protection from evil per month. Can expect church members to come to your aid, bail you out of prison etc.
21-29 Fury Knight: +1 on attack rolls and weapon damage rolls made against demons. Must defeat a demon of CR 9 or greater to attain this title.
30 or higher Favored of Gwynharwyf: Gwynharwyf takes personal interest in you. Gain Ghaele eladrin as cohort. Sacred +2 on saving throws against demon-based effects.

Church of the Whirling Fury

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