House Vanderboren

The Vanderboren family has been ennobled for less than thirty years, yet they have already made quite the mark on the Azure Sea.

Founded by the former adventurers Larissa Firestorm and her husband Vareck, the noble house currently consists of only them and their two children… but that hasn’t stopped them from taking risks, or making a huge profit on those risks.

Already, the Vanderboren Consortium that the two founded on the profits of their adventures has grown huge and wealthy, the result of clever marketing and decisively swift buisness dealings. However, the consortium is only the beginning, as the Vanderborens have set out to build not only a fortune, but a community.

That community is Farshore.

However, after Vanthus proved to be a murderous traitor, he killed his parents and attemped to kill his sister. she and the party managed to kill him, leaving Lavinia the last remaining Vanderboren

The Vanderboren Family
Lavinia Vanderboren Lady of Farshore
Larissa Vanderboren Deceased, Co-Founder
Vareck Vanderboren Deceased, Co-Founder
Vanthus Vanderboren Deceased, Traitor

House Vanderboren

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