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Kyo’s Logbook
In a small cave filled with water, there are a few odd accoutrements. A bag, some odd shells and sparkly things. A few things litter the cave that seem out of place. A wooden statue, a small knife, a doll…
There is a shelf on the surface of the water in the cave,untouched by the water. On it are numerous Wine bottles stuffed with paper. The paper has strange symbols written on it in ink. They look to be letters, but not in a language you know…

Bottle 1:

Letter 1:

Dear Dad:

My last voyage went well, as I said in my last letter.
I’m in Sasserine now, and its dull here. Somehow, even though they are strange, Easterners are dull. Well, except for the nobles. They actually have color to them.
Also, the temples. Three gods, can you believe it?
Its not a bad port, but I’ll be happy to be back on the sea.

Actually, I may have found a way to be off of land. Theres a notice around about a trip to this colony. I doubt even you have been to this place called Farshore. Its near the Isle of Dread, if you’ve heard about it.
I’m sure you have, daddy. Giant reptiles and such.

I’ll write again soon, but don’t expect this delivered soon, since I can’t seem to find any winebottles…

- Kyo

Letter 2:


I had an interview with a young noblewoman today. She’s a real noble. You know what I mean, one of those people who have an air of nobility about them. Bravery, courage… you know, the sort of thing that some of my Crane cousins do well. Not like those nobles who prance about. Silly birds.

I kept it simple, no need to complicate things by telling her my lifestory. I am a scout. I am from Rokugan, which is far away from Sassarine, and I am an underwater sort of person.

And thats all I told her, dad. I learnt my lesson… Oh you remember, when I mentioned you? to that captain?
He kind of took it the wrong way. They see sea spirits differently here… So yes, I’m wary.

Anyway, She seemed to like my job description and let me onto her ship, which will sail soon. i’ve already moved on. I really like being on a ship, not on land. But you already knew that, dad.
I really do take after you.

Anyway, I’ll be back on the sea soon.

- Kyo

Letter 3:

Dear Dad:

We met an adorable creature today!
It had a long neck and it was sooo cute!

We didn’t have to hurt it or anything, and it donated a shark!

Dad, What was it?

Not so adorable is the nobleman on the ship. He’s more of a prancing noble.. I pretended not to speak common when he talked to me.
He reminded me of you… In a bad way.
- Kyo

Letter 3:


Was a day.
A horrible day.

It all started when a bright flash of light went off in the distance as we were heading into a native village for trade.

I attempted to go ahead to see what was happening, but i was stopped by a sea writing with horror, pain, and madness.
What have you heard of this, Father? Any news about this sort of thing? Any lore?
Because I can feel the sea screaming, even as I write this.

We landed with difficulty. One of the ships of our fleet sunk and the other… Well, it wont be sailing but at least its afloat.
All passengers and crew were able to be rescued- no casualties, thankfully. Nobody drowned.
Thanks to a sorceress apperantly, with an attitude problem… Dad, Whats a hippocampus? They’re neat little critters.

Either way, They were absolutely miraculous.

And We would have been dead, likely, without them. Or there would have been more casualties than otherwise.

We faced crazed natives on the land, with horrible mutations.
Gods, dad. They were… strange.
We defeated all that were there, but I was injured… Not that that’s unusual for me, right dad?
I made sure to keep my potions with me this time, like Ichiwan reccommended last time I spoke to him.

We then attempted to catch up to the noblewoman’s brother.

Oh. I forgot. Her name is Lavinia. You’d like her.

We managed to catch up with them and we had to fight the boy’s pet witch.
You know what they are.
You’ll be glad to know she’s dead.
But… She did something to me.

She put her hand on my head and said “Demigorgon take this soul” and I felt…
Well, claws. Of Death. I knew it was death. It tried to take me.

You can be proud of me, daddy, I resisted it. Well obviously.
But it tried. And I woke up at the sea bottom with a massive headache, and an iceberg above me.
Yes, Dad, Icebergs. In summer.
And then the witch floated down, dead, next to me.
Ha. Serves her right.

Everyone thought I was dead, and i practically was so I drank as many potions as possible.
There was a fight ahead, and tragedy.

We arrived at farshore’s port as a ship crashed into a pier full of people and exploded.
I was about to dive in to see if I could find survivors, when like a bat of doom, Lavinia’s brother flew in.

DAd, you should have seen it!
Or him!

He was mutilated, horrible.
He looked like a half-demon, but not like any half-demon I had ever seen. His parent’s were human, what I saw of them…

He was strange. We cornered him on the ship and We surrounded him and attacked. He became a whirlwind of pain. He had a Tail, dad, that he lashed about with the same speed as his longsword and sickle.

He hurt me badly, and eventually I had to leap from the boat and drink one of my potions.
As I did that, though, He was felled by a stab in the back.

I then attempted to find survivors, but…

Dad? It was horrible. I can take solace in that they felt no pain and are now a part of the sea… but there was practically nothing left but a red mist.
I found a signet ring and returned it to its rightful heir.

But… The sorrow is palpable.
And Dad? I really like this noblewoman. Maybe I’ve found a friend.
She certainly needs some.
I’ll write again, and Send this off soon.

- Kyo

Letter 4:

Dad, You wouldn’t believe what we just did!
So, apperantly, we had to do these trials to prove our honesty to the natives.
We negotiated them out- Lavinia has a silver tongue- but we still had three tasks.

One involved fighting some of their young warriors, which we did. Another involved getting a shiny eagle or something to give us feathers… So we sent the monk off to do that. since she can climb.
Not that I can’t, daddy, but they needed me to help them steal things from a giant tentacled creature called a “Froghemoth”. Its an underwater lair. Go figure, right?

Speaking of which, I’m running low on those potions. You know, the water breathing potions.
I’m going to have to restock soon, but I’m also low on cash…

Anyway. We stole lots of stuff, Despite the accidents. Accidents… I bet you’r interested.
Hah! I’ll tell you if you come visit me here in Farshore!
You haven’t visited me in ages! Off on your own adventures, I suppose.
But I have some things to discuss with you. You know how you once offered to teach me how to be a wanderer like you?
And I said that I’d think about it because I was employed at the time?
Well, I now want to be like you.
Can you come soon?

Oh yes. The rest of the day. Or night, rather. We stood guard atop this ancient wall that magically separates the wild side of the island from the rest of the island.
I slept at the beginning of the shift and took the rest of the watch.
But right as i awoke, these two tigers came out of the woods beyond the wall. They were massive and bony. Definitely Dire tigers. What was odd is that they were Fiendish Dire Tigers. We fought them off, although one clawed me pretty badly and the rest of the night was fairly uneventful.
But I felt my soul shiver with eagerness. I want to explore that place behind the wall! Hell, I want to explore this island and it’s coasts!
I think I’ll stay here longer than I normally would, Dad. You’re welcome to join me. I’d be like the old days!

A question that is bugging me, and probably my companions as well, is: Where did the Tigers come from? They had to have been summoned. But by whom? I hear that the island beyond the wall is mostly uninhabited, save for one native tribe.
And would they send beasts against their fellows on the wall?
I’d like to think not, personally, but I think I should investigate.
But we already have things to investigate. If you could stop by… you know, on your way to visit… Perhaps you could give me some information about a cove to the north inhabited by a dragon turtle known as the Glutton…
They call it Gallivant cove, and there seems to be some connection between it and the madness and explosion we found.

You know me dad, I love adventure, Like you. But there’s something sinister in this adventure, something bad. I can feel it in my bones, and have seen it in the eyes of a human crazed with the power of some sort of demonic pact. Its something that we have to stop, but we don’t know what it is.

I’d really like you’r advice, Dad. Please come.

- Kyo

Bottle 1 sent off on the waves

Bottle 2:

Letter 1:

Dear Dad,

I’m underground now. Its a long story, involving a rescue mission that turned into an intrepid adventure that led us through a wall that was preventing water from passing through. There were spirits there… Human spirits, dad. They didn’t like water, apparently.
As you’d expect, it was not a very fun trip for me, but I’m alive, for now.
I’m in a city called Barbas, very far under the surface of the earth.
There are some strange people here, like combinations of everything and everyone. They liked my hair. And my voice, apparently.

We’re soon to set off on a deeper journey. There appears to be a prophesy… Oh boy, dad, how the hell did I end up in one?
I remember what Ichiiwan said- NEVER GET INVOLVED IN A PROPHESY. But it seems that here in the East you really, really don’t have a choice.
Oh well. I wonder how this will work out.

Anyway, I don’t think I mentioned this. Remember the tigers I mentioned? One of them had a strange tooth that is a way to make a bond with something to get some sort of power. I suppose it has a drawback, but I’m not sure about what that is. Probably giving the spirit or whatever some control?
Either way, I want it. I don’t know why, I just do.
I think I’ll consult with you, but if oppurtunity knocks, dad, I’ll try to aquire it.
Something about it…

Anyway, Thank you for teaching me. As I’ve been walking down and down under the world, I’m noticing more than I have ever noticed about caves before. The way the darkness itself lives, the echoes, the pressure of the world above…
How did I miss this before?
I love you dad. I hope I get out of this alive.

- Love, Kyo.

Letter 2:
These caves are deep. If we weren’t being guided by a nice troglodyte- lizardy people-, even I would be lost down here. I have no idea how long I have been gone.
Good news is, I have a big bug.
Its this adorable brilliant blue beetle-thing and I love riding it. Its just so cute!
It can climb on walls and its just got this ADORABLE habit of wiggling its antennae…
I know, I know. I’m not usually one to keep pets, but its so cute!
I Named it Dabbi.
I don’t know why.
Other than the interminable caverns and my new bug, not much to report…. Well, except for the carnivorous stalagtite. But that wasn’t a problem with the bugs, we just kept to the walls.
So yes. Just caverns and caverns.
And no water. I feel so dry, even with the ring you gave me. I’ll be happy when I can swim again.
Anyway, I’ll write another letter when something happens.

Letter 3:
Dear Dad:
Today we met an ancient evil mind-manipulating freshwater fish thing, something that appearantly enslaved a bunch of people hundreds of years ago.
It seemed reasonable, but I don’t trust it completely.
It gave us a lot of information, including stuff about that prophesy I’ve gotten wrapped up in.
So… What I think it said we should do is to clear an ancient city of nasty things by breaking the anti-water spirit barrier by breaking an ancient artifact and flooding the city and then going in and killing something…
I followed it better before. Its complicated.
Either way, it seems we’re going to do what the fish thing said since thats our only hint as to how we can stop the world from going insane.
Even if flooding the city- which is, by the way completely crazy structurally and definitely built for something aquatic- is the only way to clear out the armies of strange tentacled things… coprus I think they’re called… that would love to kill us all, it will still bring back the fish things out of their dehydrated hybernation, and they were evil.
I guess its that lesser evil stuff that I keep hearing about. And I suppose I’m fine with that.
But really, I just feel sorry for them, to be so DRY for so long…

Actually, We’ve already done that part. No point in crying in the rain. We broke this little gem thing that was powering that nasty barrier. So the city will flood. Not for a while though, we’re resting because it was sort-of guarded by a weird thing. With lots of brains. It was icky, but the sorceress killed it.
I still don’t like her, but I suppose shes reliable… in that she tends to save our butts. Not that I trust her.
Anyway dad, we go after the thing thats turning pearls into insanity-devices after we rest. Hopefully, I’ll be able to send these afterwards.
If we survive this, since I get the feeling that its going to be difficult. Of course, Its a thing beyond mortal comprehension. Its going to be difficult, but hey. Theres a prophesy. Maybe we’ll make it.
Anyway, I miss you, and the water, and the surface in general…

Letter 4:
Dad! Dad! We did it! We killed the insanity thing! We’re going back! We’re going back!
It was really ugly and gross, like a shrimp crossed with an octopus and then crossed again with… shit, I dont even know what. Whatever it was, it didn’t seem all that bright.
But the human Torra managed to kill it, and the world is a bit safer.
And we’re finally leaving these caves behind!
I mean, I like caves, but I’d rather be outside in the open, sea-scented air with the crash of waves and cry of gulls.
You know what I mean, probably more than I do.
Anyway, I’ll send this packet of letters off as soon as we find water. I have a bottle and everything!
Oh Daddy, its so nice to be alive and to have done something big!
Maybe thats why people become heroes!

Bottle 3:
Letter 1:
Hello Daddy,
I have a house now. I know, I know, big surprise!
Lady Lavinia let me repurpose her boathouse- thats a sheltered room for a boat, not a boat thats a house- and I had help from all these nice sailorly people in setting it up. They even did it for free because of the work and favors I did for them.
No daddy, not those kinds of favors. They’re human.
Weather reading and ship repair and other sailorly things.
Anyway, it’s nice and roomy, it’s got an opening onto the water, lovely seaweed decorations, a stall for my bug, and even a boat/hammock! You should come visit me there! We could go swimming and could REALLY catch up, and I could introduce you to my friends…
I guess they are friends, huh. Oh well, better friends than enemies, you know?
How much have I told you about them? I cant remember. Well, if I remember, I’ll write something about them.

Speaking of which, say hi to Ichiiwan for me. And anyone I might want to say hi to that I’ve forgotten.
Its funny how little I really think about Rokugan anymore. I guess thats the nature of the explorer, to just keep going.
But you know? I feel attached to this little colony on this island. I’ll probably stay here a while, explore the place. Its fairly unexplored.
I’m excited about that, and especially excited about our next little adventure! We’re going deep into the dangerous jungle of the Isle of Dread, where Fiendish creatures roam!
Its unexplored, unsafe, and it’s going to be incredible!
I just know it!
I suppose you might ask why I’m going… To explore, of course. But theres another reason- we’re on a rescue mission. Rescuing a priest of one of their gods- I think the monk worships him- and investigating rumors of a special weapon to defeat demons. How much do you want to bet that we’ll get wrapped up in something very big? Stupid prophesies.
Again, interesting, incredible, and dangerous.
I won’t say I can’t wait, because I can, but the idea gets my blood roiling like the sea on a windy day. I can feel my blood crashing inside me like waves against rocky cliffs.
I mean, this is the kind of thing I’ve always liked, right? Exploring the unexplored.
In the open air this time, too. We’ll be in a jungle, not a cavern.
I’ve had quite enough of those.
Anyway, I’m in town for a while longer, so… Feel free to visit if your around.
I love you,

Letter 2:
Dad, something interesting happened today.
Someone trusted me enough to tell me something that others would probably be wary of her for. I honestly don’t care who she used to be. Shes my friend, and I’ll back her up any day. Or night. Or whatever.
Apparently, she was an assasin, or something like that. She had to explain that no, those sneaky abilities weren’t part of her god’s realm of influence. Elohonna is a nature goddess.
But all the nature spirits I’ve known can be sneaky too (Yes you too, dad). I guess thats Easterner gods for you.
She had a sad story to tell, and so I told her a bit of mine in return. Trust with trust. Ichiwan would not approve.
I think you might like her.
Anyway, we leave for the jungle soon. Did I mention that the mists in the jungle are portals to the abyss? No? Well, they are.
Isn’t that exciting? I wonder why they are that way. It must play havoc with the spirits of these parts.
Anyway, there are lots of preparations to make and they’ll be a pain with this hangover. I should know by now not to drink.
Love, Kyo
Bottle 4:
Letter 1: (Meeting Etzli)

Letter 2: (Nimbus bow, Kala, the trap)

Receipt: 1 Sea-spirit style magic carpet, sent to Farshore

Bottle 5:
Letter 1: (Lavinia kidnapped, Thanks for the carpet)

Bottle 6:
Letter 1: (Rescuing Harliss, Setting off on a voyage)

Letter 2: (Meeting Rowan’s backstory, About to set off into the abyss)

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