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Material Plane Locations
  • Sasserine: The city in which the adventure begins.
  • The Isle of Dread: A mysterious island destination.
  • Farshore: A colony on the Isle of Dread
  • The Seven Villages: Home of those Olmans who want to trade with foreigners.
  • Laogroat: Home of the self-styled " Lords of Dread", accessible through Gallivant Cove.
  • Barbas: Tiny mongrelfolk town under the Isle of Dread.
  • Golismorga: Foul and ruined city of the ancient Aboleths.
  • Thanaclan: The Isle of Dread’s once-proud capital, now the ruined haunt of demons.
  • New Barbas: A mongrelfolk, lizardfolk, and troglodyte settlement founded by the refugees of Barbas.
  • Scuttlecove: Home of pirates, heretics, dark sorcerers, and the scum of the waves.

The Planes

The Infinite Layers of the Abyss
The Wells of Darkness^73rd^

The ultimate prison

  • Wells: Where demon lords, archdevils and even godlings lie imprisoned.
Gaping Maw^88th^

Content Not Found: Demogorgon’s personal, horrific realm.

  • Divided’s Ire: Once Demogorgon’s pleasure palace, now a terrible prison.



  • Note to Players: While some of these are presented in the Savage Tide Player’s Guide (available for download below) others have been created or altered for this specific campaign, and more may yet become available. Also, some (eg. the Scarlet Brotherhood) are not appropriate for this campaign and have been removed.
  • Azure Cathedral: A union of three churches into a single organization, members may be clerics or laymen, but all revere the gods of the Azure Sea.
  • Church of the Whirling Fury: A mysterious group that fights against demons, aided by the rage of their patron spirit. Some, however, claim that their rage is as dangerous as the demons they fight.
  • The Dawn Council of Sasserine: The government body of Sasserine and her colonies (including Farshore). Members of the Dawn Council strive to improve and protect their beloved homeland.
  • The Guild of Blades: Honorable professional mercenaries and fighters, they strive to do whatever job they are hired for to the best of their ability.
  • The Seekers: A secret society of archaeologists and adventurers, the Seekers hunt down knowledge wherever they can find it.
  • Witchwardens: Sasserine’s guild of loyal arcanists, devoted to defending their city and her colonies through the research and use of magic.


  • The gods are mostly the same as in the basic D&D pantheon, with the following additions:
  • Azure Sea Deities: Gods worshipped mostly in and around the Azure Sea.
  • Olman Deities: Ancient gods of a lost civilization, presumed deceased.
  • Other Deities: Monster deities, foreign deities, etc.

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