Other Deities

True Deities
Name Alignment Epithet Portfolio Domains Weapon Symbol
Name Alignment Epithet Portfolio Domains Weapon Symbol
Demogorgon CE “The Prince of Demons” Demons, Savagery Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Water Tentacle (whip) Forked Tail
Gwynharwyf CG “The Whirling Fury” Good Barbarians Good, Chaos, Air, War Scimitar Circle of arms holding scimitars.

Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons: The most powerful Demon Lord1, and self-procalimed ruler of the Abyss.

Gwynharwyf, the Whirling Fury: A member of the Court of Stars2, She is worshipped by the Church of the Whirling Fury.

A note on Paragons: All forms of Outsiders have their Paragons. Paragons are the oldest, most powerful and most influential creatures on the Outer Planes, surpassed only by the Gods. Each Paragon usually rules a layer (more or less) of their home plane, and rules over most of the beings there. Gods also have realms on the Outer Planes, but the difference is more than a difference of power.

Gods are given power by their worshippers, and cultivate that power to sustain themselves. Tales tell of some mortals that have attained divinity through enough worship or despair (eg. Kyuss). As such, Deities are bound to the realms of mortals, even as they dwell on the outer planes, for their very existence. Outsiders serve Gods, but are not their primary servants: mortal clerics are.

Paragons, meanwhile, are born from the very essence of the outer planes: Good, Evil, Law, Chaos and Neutrality. They rule in the planes, and they focus on the planes: yes, they have motal cultists, to whom they can grant a cleric’s spells, but the Paragon gets no power from their worship. Rather, they serve as agents on the Material Planes, pushing their masters agenda but not as their primary servants: other Outsiders fill that role.

1 The Paragons of Demons, rulers of the Abyss. Chaotic Evil incarnate.

2 Paragons of Eldarins, rulers of Arborea. Chaotic Good incarnate.

Other Deities

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