“Those were my sign language noises.” – DM

“You make lots of noises, some of which could even be classified as speech!” – DM

“Let’s turn him into a Vanthster!” – Player of Kyo

“And then we’ll pick up the pile of Celestial Eagle droppings and say ‘This was our boss fight’.”

“Piss Pirate was pissed.” – Player of Aldi
“Pirate number 2 hit himself on the head with a boat.” – Player of Aldi

“You pirates suck…my dick!” – player of Aldi

“Don’t ship the ships!” – various people

“The seamstress doesn’t like the seamstress.” – DM

“Watcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your…dice bag?” – player of Aldi

“By the power of prostitution!!!” – player in another game, randomly yelling in the hall

“They’re batting for the other team. And I don’t mean that they’re gay. I mean they’re evil.” – DM

“If Chastity is spending time around the Olmans, she’s probably going to end up sleeping with them eventually.” – Player of Chastity

“It’s the circle of life, it enslaves us all, with shackles and mind control…” – Players of Aldi and Torra

“She found out how her brother was bribing the Glutton…” – DM
“…by the power of prostitution!” – Player of Ranu-Yani

“His dick is as big as two of you.” – DM

“This is the stealthiest I’ve ever been in my life!” – Player of Aldi
“Okay, Black Star.” – DM
“Fuck, I AM Black Star!” – Player of Aldi

“He’s got a hard part there…” – Player of Torra

“So We have Book, Black Star, and Batman…. we have the strangest party ever.”

“Oh my god, I’m Jesus.” – Player of Rowyn (and then several minutes later – “I’m chibi Jesus.”)

“I totally thought that was the bathroom, bro.” – NPC
“Nope, no bathrooms on the boat…bro.” – Player of Torra

“We have declined to talk about Chastity’s pussy.” – DM, referring to Chastity’s cat

“There are so many tentacles in this game, I don’t even.” – DM

“I wouldn’t want to bite a chaos beast, just saying.” – Player of Kyo
“Chaotically transmitted diseases!” – Player of Aldi

“You’re the only one that I want…when I’m lying here in your tentacles…” – DM

“Dominatrix is not an ability. Or a feat. Or a class.” – Player of Aldi
“It would be a profession.” – Player of Chastity

“Great, we lost the slut.” – Player of Rowyn

“So you ease your fingers in, you ease your magic in, you suck off the – ” (the rest was interrupted by Player of Torra) – DM, trying to describe portal picking

“Her flesh comes back… but not her clothing.” – DM, describing Chastity’s resurrection as a succubus

“How much is it?” – Player of Kyo, about buying a weapon
“Your mom!” – Player of Derse

“Each of the maws hideously opens, and breathes out – ” – DM
“Braaaaaiiiinns.” – non-player sitting in on the game

“Jesus Christ on a stick impaled in the ass!” – Player of Aldi’s exclamation of surprise about something

“Kira is going to reveal her true identity…” – DM
“Light Yagami!” – Player of Ranu-Yani

“Etzli means blood and Metzli means moon.” – Player of Etzli, after the final game
“So together they mean period!” – Temporary player of Kira


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