The Blue Nixie

The Blue Nixie is a sturdy caravel owned by House Vanderboren. She’s the flagship of Lavinia Vanderboren’s (currently quite small) personal fleet, and is getting ready to carry her mistress, crew and colonists to Farshore.

Crew Manifest
Name Position Vitals Status
Lavinia Vanderboren Ship’s Master Human (f)
Passenger List
Name Occupation Vitals Status

Map of the Blue Nixie

The caravel is a seaworthy, nimble ship that can handle long ocean crossings. It has a small forecastle and sterncastle, and three masts. A caravel is a smooth-hulled, full-decked vessel built on a strong internal frame. It is a relatively advanced design, and not every seafearing people have the skills and knowledge to build one.

Offical stats
Colossal vehicle; Seaworthiness +4; Shiphandling +2; Speed wind x 30 ft. (average); Overall AC -3; Hull sections 24 (sink 6 sections); Section hp 80 (hardness 5); Section AC 3; Rigging Sections 3; Rigging hp 80 (hardness 0), AC 1; Ram 4d6; Mounts 2 light and 1 heavy; Space 60 ft. by 20 ft.; Height 10 ft. (draft 10 ft.); Complement 30; Watch 7; Cargo 120 tons (Speed wind x 15 ft. if 60 tons or more); Cost 10,000gp.

Seaworthiness: This ship’s overall sturdiness. This modifier is applied to any Profession (sailor) checks the captain or master makes in order to avoid foundering, sinking, and hazards that large, well-built vessels avoid more easily than small and frail ones. Shiphandling: The ship’s agility and numbleness. This modifier is appled to Profession (sailor) checks the captain or master makes in order to avoid collisions, come about, sail close to the wind, and other situations that small, swift vessels avoid more easily than large and clumsy ones.
Speed: The ship’s speed and its nautical maneuvering ability rating. Sailing vessels have a base speed, which is then modified by the wind strength. Wind speed modifiers are x1 for a light wind (0-10mph), x2 for a moderate wind (11-20mph), and x3 for a strong wind (21-30mph). For stronger winds, there is a chance that the ship is driven directly downwind.
Overall AC: The AC of the ship as a whole. However, an attacker usually targets a single hull section at a time when attacking a Huge or larger ship.
Sink: The number of hull sections that need to be destroyed to sink the ship outright. A ship can sink from the destruction of a single hull section, but it is not automatic.
Ram: The damage dealt by the vehicle per 10 feet of speed it currently possesses if it rams another object.
Mounts: The number of weapons the ship can mount. A light mount is suitable for a ballista or a light bombard; a heavy mount is suitable for a catapult.
Space: The length and width of the area taken up by the ship.
Height: The height of the main deck about the water line. Draft represents the depth of the vessel’s keel below the water line.
Watch: The number of crewmembers necessary to make course changes, adjust for wind changes, and generally handle the ship. Usually, the watch consists of a helmsman, a lookout or two, and a small number of deckhands who can go aloft to change the set of the sails as necessary.
Complement: The number of crewmembers and passengers who can be carried by the vessels for an extended voyage.

The Blue Nixie

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