The Dawn Council of Sasserine

The ruling nobles of Sasserine are knownas the Dawn Council, yet in truth this affiliation comprises all of the minor nobles, sages, scribes, clerks, and others who help in the daily business of administration of the city. The Sasserine city watch is controled by the Dawn Council, and the seven official churches have much invested in this group as well. Beyond Sasserine’s walls, agents of the Dawn Council function as ambassadors, emissaries, missionaries, or even spies. Bards, clerics, fi ghters, and paladins are the best suited classes for this affiliation.

Symbol: A sun rising over plentiful feilds. Often rendered in gold and gems when used as part of a noble’s court garb, but can be much plainer or guard uniforms or worn by those of less-than-extravagant means. Dawn Council Symbol

Background, Goals, and Dreams: The Dawn Council is as old as Sasserine, and intends to keep itself and the city growing and prospering. Through devoted service to the Council, one can rise to the very highest echelons of nobility, and ensure the prominence of the city for years to come.

Enemies and Allies: All who prey on the citizens of Sasserine or her colonies are enemies. Pirates, thieves, raiders and agents of malicious foreign powers are not tolerated in Sasserine, especially the Sea Princes and the Scarlet Brotherhood. Allies include the Witchwardens, the city’s mage guild, as well as the seven churches.

Class Notes: The Dawn Council favors the Aristocrat NPC class and the Swashbuckler class. Contacts in the affiliation can teach the Duelist prestige class.

Type: Government
Scope: 11 (multiregional/duchy)
Capital: 311 (gp limit 40,000, assets 440,000 gp)
Executive powers: Holiday, Law, Mint
Affiliation Score Criteria: Your rank in Sasserine increases with service.

Advancement Criterion Affiliation Score Midifier
Effective character level +1/2 levels
Hereditary Scion of Sasserine +1
Charisma 13 or higher +1
5 or more ranks in Diplomacy +1
10 or more ranks in Diplomacy +1
5 or more ranks in Knowledge (Local) +1
10 or more ranks in Knowledge (Local) +1
5 or more ranks in Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) +1
10 or more ranks in Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) +1
Has the Steadfast Loyalty, Merchant’s Tounge or Academy Graduate regional feat +1
Married to someone with an affiliation score of 4 or greater. +1
Landowner +1
Per 40,000 gp of property in Sasserine or her colonies +1
Spends one day/level/month conducting council affairs +1
Win a power struggle against a social equal in the affiliation +1
Lose a lot of face in the affiliation -1
Exposes a plot to harm Sasserine +1
Save Sasserine from major setback +2
Save the city from conquest +4
Saves the life of a Lord/Lady of Sasserine or one who has a seat on the Dawn Council +2
Associates with known enemies of Sasserine: current list includes Sea Princes and Scarlet Brotherhood -2
Found guilty of minor crime -2
Strongly suspected of major crime -4
Found guilty of major crime -8
Strongly suspected of treason -15
Found guilty of treason -30
Titles, Benefits, and Duties: The church offers some perks, given by others and their patron
Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Citizen: No benefits.
4-10 High Citizen: You are considered a valuable citizen of Sasserine. As long as you maintain this status or higher, your crimes will be pardoned in Sasserine. Note that getting convicted makes you lose this standing very quickly. +2 circumstance bonus Gather Information in respectable Sasserine society, +1 leadership score for reputation.
11-20 Scion of Sasserine: Considered a minor noble. Gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Intimidate in Sasserine or when representing Dawn Council interests, +2 leadership score for reputation.
21-29 District Councilor: Take a seat on the dawn council; may bear a coat or arms. You and your descendants become Scions of Sasserine i perpetuity. Gain +2 circumstance bonus on Will saves made against enemies of Sasserine, +4 leadership score for reputation
30 or higher Lord/Lady of Sasserine: Earn hereditary position as District Council as per the level above. The Dawn Council provides you with a villa and plantation; gain a 500 gp/month income income and a +2 bonus to leadership score as a base. Must either spend 1 day a week attending to this business or have a trusted servant do so.

The Dawn Council of Sasserine

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