The Guild of Blades

The Guild of Blades is the premeire mercenary guild of the Azure Coast. They are known for keeping their word and doing everything they can for whoever hires them. Members of the Guild enjoy better pay than freelancers, at the cost of adhering to higher standards. Their additional side-buisness of running gladiatorial matches and other such entertainments has made them quite popular. Fighters, militant clerics, rangers and scouts are favored, but any class is welcome.

Symbol: A shield emblazoned with a flaming sword. Guild of Blades Symbol

Background, Goals, and Dreams: The Guild wants popularity and money. Members do their best to come across well, because anyone they offend might not hire them in the future. However, in battle they hold themselves to a high standard of efficiency: nothing impresses the Guild more than skill in battle.

Enemies and Allies: The Guild of Blades gets along well with The Seekers, often finding employment as bodyguards for an adventure or delve. The Dawn Council tolerate them, as they are better than most mercenary companies, but they don’t usually hire them.

Class Notes: The Guild favors fighters and scouts, tough both clerics and rangers have important if secondary roles. They sponsor the exotic weapon master and tempest prestige classes.

Type: Fighting Company
Scope: 11 (Coastline)
Capital: 14. Gp limit 100,000. Assets 1,400,000 gp.
Executive powers: Gift, Research, Trade.
Affiliation Score Criteria: All ranks are informal and vague

Advancement Criterion Affiliation Score Midifier
Effective character level +1/2 levels
Has the Arena Blood feat +1
Craft (Armorer) five ranks or more +1
Craft (Armorer) ten ranks or more +1
Craft (Weaponsmithing) five ranks or more +1
Craft (Weaponsmithing) ten ranks or more +1
Earns more than 3,000 GP from a single job +1
Earns more than 6,000 GP from a single job +1
Earns less than 500 GP from a single job (excluding free “jobs”) -1
Takes a prestigious / high-profile job +2
Takes a menial, degrading job +1
Pay 10% of income in guild dues/month +2
Pay less than 1% of income in guild dues/month -1
Donate a trophy from a non-humanoid foe to arena (must be relative CR +2 or more) +1, max 1/month
Recover a live monster suitable for the arena (relative CR -2 or more) +2, max 1/month
Gather fame for the mercenary company +1
Otherwise increase the fame and reputation of the Guild +1
Behave dishonorably as a mercenary -2
Fail to complete a feasable job -4
Betray a patron -8
Titles, Benefits, and Duties: The church offers some perks, given by others and their patron
Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Freelancer: No benefits.
4-10 Sellsword: Member of the mercenary company and may fight in the arena. Purchase divine spell services and trained animals/monsters at 3/4 price.
11-20 Guild Mercenary: Purchase nonmagical gear and weapons at 3/4 price, excluding items made from special materials. +2 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks in Sasserine.
21-29 Hardened Mercenary: Purchase magic weapons and armor for 3/4 price. Leadership score of +1 for reputation.
30 or higher Legendary Mercenary: Once per month you may take one of the caged monsters (CR = affiliation Score /2 or less) with you on an expedition for one week. The DM decided if a beast is available. These trained beasts obey basic signals and can be ordered to follow, stay, attack a target, or guard an area.

The Guild of Blades

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