The Seven Villages

These seven “villages” are in fact tribes, the descendants of those who built the Great Wall to protect themselves from The Isle of Dread’s most dangerous forces. They are all that seems to remain of the ancient Olman people who once ruled the isle, but have lost much of what they once had. Powerful gods are now half-forgotten totems, mighty cities are abandoned ruins. However, the villages still have their traditions and their pride, if not their empire.

The villages vary in their reaction to outsiders. Some welcome Farshore’s envoys as long as they behave themselves, some are wary and others allow no outsiders inside their boundaries.

The seven villages are:

  • Burowao: Due north of Farshore, across the peninsula.
  • Dawa: Southeast of Farshore.
  • Kirikuka: East-Southeast of Farshore.
  • Mora: North-Northwest of Farshore.
  • Panitube: Due west of Farshore.
  • Tanaroans: Farthest Northwest, guards the Great Wall.
  • Usi: South and a little west of Farshore

The Seven Villages

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