Sasserine’s mage’s guild was founded by a priest-mage of Wee Jas many centuries ago, but today the Witchwardens have become more secular. Their members study magic in all its forms, seeking to discover new spells or recover forgotten lore from ancient ruins across the world. They are charged with the defense of the city against magical threats, and many of their members have ties to the city’s high society. Bards, sorcerers, and wizards are best suited for this affiliation.

Symbol: Two crossed ceremonial daggers, representing those worn by their initiates. Witchwardens Symbol

Background, Goals, and Dreams: To explore the very limits of knowledge and use it to protect Sasserine. Witchwardens are both scholars and protectors, though most focus on one or the other.

Enemies and Allies: The Witchwardens are tight allies of The Dawn Council of Sasserine. They view The Seekers as theives, crooks, and occasional sources of good information.

Class Notes: The witchwardens favor wizards, but allow other arcane spellcasters to join. They sponsor the Archmage prestige class.

Type: College
Scope: 7 (city and outliers)
Capital: 11 (gp limit 14,400, assets 158,400 gp)
Executive powers: Gift, Research, Craft.
Affiliation Score Criteria: Rank is indicated by the pommel wrapping of the ceremonial dagger worn by every member.

Advancement Criterion Affiliation Score Midifier
Effective character level +1/2 levels
Has the Academy Graduate or Knack for Magic feat +1
5 or more rains in Knowledge (Arcane) +1
5 or more ranks in Spellcraft and Concentration +1
Can cast arcane spells of 3rd level +1
Can cast arcane spells of 5th level +1
Member in good standing (score 4+) of the Dawn Council affiliation +2
Member of any other affiliation -2
Continuously donates 1 day/week to guild duties +1
Donates magic item worth 1,000 gp or more to the guild +1 (max 3/year)
Research or recover new spell (max one of each spell level) +1
Investigate and report on a magical treat to Sasserine +1
Resolve a magical treat to Sasserine +2
Save the city from magical destruction +2
Fail to assist Sasserine against a magical threat when called upon -4
Unable to cast an arcane spell -20
Late on guild dues or otherwise showing lack of respect and discipline -4

Titles, Benefits, and Duties: All titles are official, and proper deference must be showed to those higher-ranking.

Affiliation Score Title: Benefits and Duties
3 or lower Apprentice: Purchase spellcasting services from the Witchwardens at normal price.
4-10 Initiate: Access to order spellbooks for copying spells and laboratories for researching spells and creating magic items. Can work as a certified spellcaster in Sasserine. Purchase spellcasting services from the Witchwardens at 3/4 price (excluding material component costs), expected to extend this discount to other members.
11-20 White Dagger: +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge and Spellcraft checks made in guild libraries and labs. 25% discount on scroll prices and spell scribing and spell research costs at a guild lodge.
21-29 Black Dagger: You can get tools to fulfill your duty to defend the town or when acting on its behalf. Borrow any one magic item from the DMG, with a maximum cost is Affiliation Score x 25 gold pieces for or ten times that for non-charged items. You are expected to return scrolls & potions if you do not use them.
30 or higher Red Dagger: You can now borrow a magic item even when not defending Sasserine. This replaces the item you get as a black dagger.


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